Saturday, February 25, 2012


When I first started the Manifestation Meditation (MM), I knew I had something that mattered. Just like the Prayer of Jabez, it had an immediate impact. In the case of the MM, I found a girl fell in love and lost my mind when she dumped me. Well, I lost it for that an a host of other reasons as well. As I did the MM during this relationship, I'd begin to feel high, like I was soooo connected. Each time, she'd pop my ego-balloon. Sometimes I simply accepted this. Sometimes, it irritated me.

The more I write and think about this the more I know this method will work well and work well for many people. Each day, I learn something more about this meditation and how it works. I am seeing the ontology behind it. I am seeing its impacts. Frankly, some of them I don't like. It has certainly shown me what is missing in my life and then telling me to wait, I'm not ready for that yet.

Regardless, I am feeling very confident about this work. Rather than striving to be a spiritual man, I know I am one. I am not THERE yet but I am there. I cannot say that I am as arrogant as I was when the now-ex was popping my bubble. I can say that my growing confidence could have led to arrogance. Fortunately, fate has provided me with many that are more than willing to pop my ego bubbles. This time, it was popped by Raendome Al Askendir Xtranj who left a comment on this post, Initiators, reminding me that for all the work I have done and all the effort I have expended, I am merely at the beginning.
Raendome Al Askendir Xtranj has never commented on the blog before. If so, s/he hasn't identified him or herself prior to this. This was excellent timing and I thank him or her for posting that comment when I needed it.

Humility Part II

I have had some mental anguish of late. That exists because I have ignored my most important realization as a result of the Meditation. I have just recalled that lesson and will attempt to apply it. Understanding is the key to spirit. Wisdom is the application of Understanding.

A Blogger Takes up the Manifestation Meditation

As mentioned previously, The Nutty Professor is doing the MM. She is blogging about it. So far the results look promising. She can be found here: Fifth Dimensional Self. Nutty says it is more of a journal than a blog. So, do not expect any sort consistency. 

Results of the Manifestation Meditation

Of late, a sensation is returning to me. When I first started the Manifestation Meditation I felt a coolness descend upon me. I took that to mean that I was heading in the right direction.

The last four days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) I have felt it again. It feels wonderfully peaceful. In this latest cycle, it feels much wetter.

External Answers

Last night, I reverted to my old habit of seeking answers from without. I truly have all the answers I need from the MM. I suppose old habits die hard.

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