Saturday, February 4, 2012

More MM Success and a Dream

I had a rough night last night, in part due to pain and in part due to the dream time recorded below. I woke, had my traditional weekend bagel and coffee at Uncle Harry's, came home and took a long nap. for all intents and purposes, my day started at noon. This is unheard of. I am normally up and about by 6:30 AM.

I tried to write more on the book as I have a 3,000 word goal for the weekend. I know that from both public and private comments people are waiting for this book to be out. Of course, by people, I mean four of you.

I did the Manifestation Meditation (MM) with the goal of being inspired to write, to chose the correct words necessary for teaching this method. I sat down to write full of energy but...well, nothing happened. So, in a pure act of randomness, I typed Dalai Lama into the search engine for no other conscious reason than wondering how the Dalai part was spelled. Immediately, I found a book by His Holiness called Beyond Religion. Given last night's post and my reference to myself being beyond religion (possibly) I immediately downloaded it to my Nook. I have been diligently reading and highlighting. This work will be quoted in my book.

This is a very good example of two things. The first is being more in tune with universe. I was going somewhere with my thoughts last night but I wasn't sure just to have them reflected in today's activities. Or was today, reflected back to those thoughts? Secondly, this is an example of how the MM works. I asked for something specific but generic enough for the MM to work through my own divine guidance. I got exactly what I NEEDED, not what I thought I wanted.

Another wonderful thing happened today with the MM. My very good friend, The Witch, asked me what her lesson was in a particular situation. I thought I knew but rather than imposing that on her, I did the MM with the goal of her learning the lesson she needed. With each line I rang this huge astral bell. Withing ten minutes she had it figured out.

I seek to learn that I may serve.

I am beginning to feel that it will be good to do the MM upon waking and sleeping.

That Voodoo That  You Do! (Dream)

Well spank me and call me Charlie! On second thought scratch that. I don't like being hit and my name isn't Charlie.

Last night was the first night of going to sleep using the spirit symbol as part of the Stavish Meditation, previously discussed. There was a problem. Before going to sleep, I meditated on a red sphere at my throat. This is an alternative method to a indigo sphere at the nape of the neck. It was a pretty good meditation. The problem was much like months ago the meditation gave me loads of energy. The energy was tense and a bit angst filled.

Eventually, I slept but it was a light and disturbed sleep. I woke several times for the bathroom, for having kicked my covers off an for who knows what? I had one very strong dream.

I was in a room that reminded my of bayou country from a horror movie. The walls and floors were boards. The furnishes had that same homespun look to them and a bit beat up. My grandparents were there.  Note: In both of them are actually deceased.

The dream then cuts to a city that is also a bit down in the mouth. My grandmother is driving their old Malibu. This was odd because I never saw my grandmother drive a car. Grandfather, was walking up to us and she kept pulling away. He shot an exasperated look in her direction and got in my car and followed us. The idea was that once we got to where we were going we'd switch back to our proper vehicles.

Cut back to the bayou room.

My grandmother is dying. She has face paint on that is black and white. The black was around the eyes and mouth. There was a dirty look to it. Papa Legba was outside and trying to get in. From what I know of Papa Legba, which I admit is not much, if He is trying to get in and you're trying to keep him out, it may be wise to be a bit scared. I wasn't. I knew the symbol I needed to draw to keep him at pay and simply started looking for paper and something to write with.

I am seeing a theme in dreams of late of things that ought to have an emotional impact. Coming across acts of incest ought to get revulsion. Having mother nature disrupt the world, like in yesterday's dream post, ought to leave one full of adrenaline/fear. Having Papa Legba trying to get at your dying grandmother, ought to leave one fearful. Instead, I am dead calm (pun intended) in all of them. I am just taking care of business.

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