Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Not So Sexy, Is It?

Yesterday, I posted about Listening to your soul. The hit count bounced up to just shy of double the previous day's. The actual count isn't unusual but it was a dramatic spike from the previous posts. Yet, there was not a single comment.

People interested in magick like the showy stuff. They want lightening bolts, parades and the occasional supernova. I have experienced those but the real good stuff, the stuff that matters to the long term nature of the theurgist, is making the magickal...mundane.

Learning to listen to your soul is just knowing which little thoughts are from the soul and which are normal traffic. This is akin to knowing your lover's mood without him saying a word or knowing she doesn't like the person she just met. You know because you've made it your business to know. It isn't psychic. It is making a relationship work. At my stage, that is what I am doing. I finding the little signs that says, "soul message" and filtering out the monkey mind and day-to-day concerns.

The Manifestation Meditation is bringing some big things but is doing so by slowing tweaking the various levels of my soul in order to allow them to happen. For instance, I'm suddenly reading multiple books on Buddhist praxis, not religion. In practicing mindfulness today, I had one of those little psychic experiences that tell you you're on the right track, had a pleasant interchange with an obviously violent man walking down the street at lunch, and was at my customer service best. Little stuff matters a great deal.

I am also finding myself loving the planet. I feel like I am in a water initiation all over again. All you people are so wonderful! My compassion for other's suffering is growing in leaps and bounds. In taking the Dalai Lama's advice, as I was in extreme pain today, I focused on the pain of others and let my heart go out to them for their suffering. This was not a mind trick of switching focus. I am not sure of the mechanism involved but as long as I could hold the thought, my pain subsided significantly. I just can't hold that sort of emotional thought and do my job at the same time.

How to Improve Intuition

This is a quick tip on improving your intuition and allowing the universe to speak to you in dreams. Stop forming opinions. Opinions interefere with intuition because they attach things to your psychic input streams too quickly. Observe, notate, watch but do not form an opinion until you absolutely have to. Trust me on this one.

Stavish Work

This hasn't been going well the last few nights as I've been on pain killers again. I may have to extend my time working with Spirit before I move onto the planets.


petoskystone said...

Sorry to hear about the pain killers.

Mike Sententia said...

On business blogs, they talk about what metrics you should track. That if you track the wrong metric, you wind up with the wrong product. I think that's particularly true of magic blogs. It's fun to watch the Google analytics graph go up, but that doesn't really mean your changing minds. It really is all in who comments, isn't it?

Robert said...

Mmm, I don't know.

I know when things get caustic readership increases. People like to see a train wreck. So, not a good time to track subscribers.

I know when I'm on a roll, subscribers go up as well. Maybe a good time to track.

I'm not really into changing minds. I am into helping those along that are close enough to my mindset already.

The most rewarding metric I have seen so far is the people asking to be taught the Manifestation Meditation.