Thursday, February 2, 2012

C is for Conversion: Pagan Blog Project

In the interests of full disclosure, I am drunk blogging. I don't get accidentally drunk but somehowe a glass and a half of wine with dinner wiped me out. 

I have seen a few teachers in my day. I have seen a few students. I have heard a few stories.

Religion is full of rules for proper behavior. It is a societal construct. There are some good things to be said for it. There are some bad things as well. Obviously, religion can be used to control both the masses and the individual. Behave this way or "God" will not like you! You dirty filthy bastard.

Spirituality is using religion or religious imagery to break through mundane concerns and false constructs. The goal is to have direct experience with the deity of your choice. Spirituality that works is a blessing beyond all measure. When it doesn't work, it is the worst of delusions for it turns into religion! That is right you filthy bastard I AM better than YOU! But, out of the kindness of my heart, and a mere $19.95, I can make you better.

Any true teacher has found their spirituality. Yet, things degrade in translation. Sooner or later, they are tempted to fall into a trap. They are tempted to judge you based on their spirituality. You begin to judge yourself against their standards. This my friends is religion. This is being converted into a way of thinking, living and believing. This is dangerous. Spirituality isn't about conversion but Being. Anything less than Being, is religion.

Find the teacher that encourages you to find your own way. For the teacher that wants you to find his or her way is the most dangerous kind teacher. You will learn something but you just might forget who you are.


Priestess Oracle Foxlyn Wren said...

"drunk blogging" I love it :-). Wish I could blog as well as you when I'm drunk. lol

Robert said...

Thank you. :o)

The less I drink the more it can sneak up on me.

J-me Horus said...

Great post. I dislike discussing religion being, (A Thelemite) But when it comes down to a good guarded response, Eliphas Levi said it best,"It is an error to change the religion in which you were raised. Take only from it what you agree with and just leave the rest and add extra from whatever you will."

Great post Drinking eases the tongue or in this case, fingers.