Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Drawing Down the Moon

There has been some talk of drawing down the moon lately...okay well I started it with the Pantheacon Review post. Rowan, over at One Witches Way, chimed in on Drawing Down the Moon as well. I liked her post. I spoke to my Helpful Deity partner, the Witch, about it too.

The Witch is of the opinion that neo-pagan groups don't do this because they don't really believe in magick. They talk a good game but deep down they simply don't buy into the paradigm. I have seen this happen before. I have seen folks with this mindset play with magick and get so shocked that it works that they disappear from the community. Then again, I have seen others experience horrible manifestations of magick and just keep going. Part of me agrees with the Witch. The other part of me says folks don't do things like this because they haven't been exposed to the techniques.

The reason I am so torn, most likely, is that all of the above is true for different folks.

I have been considering taking Hermes for a road trip to Bakersfield and allowing some guests to attend. I am of two minds about it. So are my partners. Part of me says this is personal and to keep it that way. Another part of me says that folks interested in magick should have an opportunity to see it work in this fashion. Another part of me says they will have an opportunity to see it not work. Hey, I can be as insecure as the next guy.


I have been dreaming of late. I have simply been too tired or busy to write about them. I can mention a few things in general and one very specific thing.

In general many of my dreams are still about death. Someone is always dead or dying. Last night, I watched myself fall out of the sky like an arrow, into a lake and bury myself in the bottom. I then watched another part of me, that was concerned but not overly so, try to help me out of the water. The second self actually looked around for others for help but no one was there. My third self was watching all this, utterly unconcerned.

During Pantheacon, I did the Manifestation Meditation while doing a middle pillar. There were accompanying visualizations of a qabalistic nature. It is one of the alternate techniques I am writing about in the book. I guess I figured that if I was going to write about it, I should actually do it! Yeah, all me old-fashioned. That night I dreamed of a HUGE airliner landing very near the hotel. This is not a huge stretch given that the hotel is quite close to an airport. However, this thing was HUGE and very YELLOW.

Is that a Greater Neschemah landing? An HGA? Beats me. That said, that dream had meaning.

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