Friday, February 3, 2012

I Am What I Am?


I am feeling an unexpected change taking place. I am asking the question, "Am I pagan?" Of course, I work work pagan gods with the Conclave of the Greek Key. Pagan is a very generic word. For all intents and purposes it means non-Christian. Am I that? Would the deity that is the Christ be as bothersome as I feel he is? The Helpful Deity and the rest of the Greeks certainly surprised me.

I have long said that spirituality transcends religion. If it does, as spiritual as I feel at this point, am I beyond a religous label? That sounds arrogant as hell. Then again, I've never identified as particular religious. I have always been more of a generic aspirant.

Am I a magician anymore? Am I something else? Does a label matter? Can I self-define as Robert?


Last night, I dreamed a dream of disasters. There was a huge flood coming. I was stopped at a rail road crossing out in a country area. There were rolling green hills. WitchDoctorJoe was in a car next to me. We both realized the train was out of control and was about to be hit by the flood. We turned our cars around and headed up hill. The 'road' was still a road but it was clipped grass, no pavement. Joe abandonned his car and was running beside mine. That dude was fast. I gave him the chance to get in my car but he just kept running along side. At some point, we came across something on fire. There was a lot of implied elements. We never saw the flood, the train, or the fire. Yet we both knew of the danger of sticking around. Neither of us was afraid in the slightest.

Tonight, the Stavish meditation turns to the final element, Spirit. After a week of that, I start on planets.


My back pain has moved into high gear again.


WitchDoctorJoe said...

Right on man,send me the rally point grid coordinates for the Zombie Apocalypse sound like we'll make a good team.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that your experience of Paganism has lead you to feel that its essence is 'non-Christianity'. My experience of Paganism has shown me that its essence is a fierce self-determinism, bassically that the human most qualified to lead me spiritually is me, and cannot be anyone else. I may pick and choose who to be inspired by, but I have to do my own thinking, choose my own Deities, and make and keep my own agreements. By this definition, there are many Pagan Atheists and Pagan Christians, and well as the thousands of Eclectic semi-Wiccans. It is important that each way of Spirituality have a positive essence, and not just a negation of some other Religion. The thing is, with this definition of Paganism, you are almost required to self-identify (no-one else can do it for you.)
Biggest Brightest Blessings!!!
Random Al Askendir Xtranj

Robert said...

I was referring to the definition of the word, nothing more.