Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Listening to Your Soul Part II

The soul talks to us all the time but we do not know how to listen. Here is a tip:

Pagans are aware of the five classic elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. If you read enough lists of correspondences of the tarot minor arcana you will find that there is a propinquity for some core words with the suits, especially the aces.

Wands Fire - Creative Force
Cups Water - Unifying Force (love)
Swords Air - Separating Force
Disks Earth - Manifesting Force

These ideas are very useful because our actions are often driven by soul prompts we are not hearing. Look to how you are behaving. What are you TRYING to Create, TRYING to Unify with, TRYING to Separate from, TRYING to Manifest (make reality). Now that last one is very much related to Creative Force.

I kept being prompted to write a book in some form. My soul wants me to create in that fashion. I was simply too lazy for a very long time. My work as a magician wasn't about controlling the environment or others, it was with unifying with the divine. Yet, I know humans have a divine origin and I didn't unify much with them. I had long running arguments with people over a past incident. Arguments are a seperating force. Every time I picked one of those people to separate from, I felt better. If you put the last two together, I was trying to unify with the wrong people or at least in the wrong realm. Put all those together and that is what one manifests.

Pick a behavior you engage in that has cost you more than one friend. You'll see something in there about what or who or what type of person you need to remove yourself from. If you create anything from your job to art work, what does that tell you about the nature of your soul for good or ill? What things are you unifying with? These offer a clue too.

Just be careful on the last one that you don't identify as that which you unify with. That gets you in all sorts of trouble. For more on that, see C is for Captured or Identity and the Manifestation Meditation.

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Andrew B. Watt said...

This is all a good reminder. In reading about how you've explained the Tarot suits here, I'm reminded of my own efforts at creating a design program for middle schoolers. I go through a process similar to the Tree of Life — getting an idea that's so abstract and unified as to be valueless, shaping it into a very rough draft, and then deciding what's bad in it. That's Kether, Chokmah, Binah right there. There's a process of cutting-away (that's Geburah), and a process of expansion of the good (that's Chesed). I have to find the beauty in the created work (Tiphareth), and then I can make it resonate with universal themes (Yod) and my own personal love (Netzach) before I bring it through a final polishing stage (Yesod) to manifestation (Malkuth).

It's the reverse-engineering of that process to find God that's so challenging. :-)