Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How to Do the Manifestation Meditation Right

Well, despite yesterday's post, maybe I had it right all along.

I have always had relationship problems.  I'm a pretty popular guy with the ladies but they have a tendancy not to stay. What matters is that I've been trying to learn what the problem really is so I can fix it. I have been seeking this answer for some time.

Well not long ago I received a tough to read email from someone trying to point out some problems. Maybe he had insight. However, it could SO EASILY be read as rationalization, projection, denial or hypocrisy that it didn't get through. It was also full of incorrect facts which made it harder to find the truth in it.

One of my exes tried to patiently explain it for years but considering she was one of the problem people, there was too much baggage for me to hear what she was saying.

My friend, the Witch, tried to explain it but I've known her so long and we both have relationship baggage, I couldn't hear it.

My most recent ex tried to explain it but the break up is still raw for me and what was really happening was she was trying to explain herself in code because it is hard to say, "I am this way," when whatever that way is makes you uncomfortable. Heck, she may not believe she was talking about herself.

This morning my other partner, Flower, explained it me and I got it. Previously, I would have said no way. Coming to THAT conclusion is arrogant and rather insulting to many women I have known. However, now that conclusion is so obvious that it isn't deniable. I feel 100% better about my future hopes in that regard. Frankly, I still don't know how to implement that answer but I know the answer.

Once again, I asked the Manifestation Meditation to teach me and I learned something I've been struggling with since I was sixteen. Literally.

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