Monday, February 27, 2012

How to Screw Up the Manifestation Meditation

The Manifestation Meditation is about aligning with your soul. To that end, I've been giving very specific direction. Finish the Book! I am working on that. I am researching and writing. However, there is something else I want, a relationship. When I asked about that, the answer is that I can have that AFTER I finish the book.

At a later date, I asked why I am making such slow progress on the book. Somedays, I do nothing at all. I fritter away time. So, I asked for the lessons I needed to learn to get to work on the book. The overwhelming need for a relationship appeared. So, it seemed that a relationship would help me do my job as in writing the book. So, I asked during the Meditation for a relationship. See above where I had already been told I can't have one until I finish the book. So, the feeling about a relationship was a METAPHOR. I should have fallen in love with the book. Instead, I asked for a relationship directly. Can you say STUPID? I have been depressed ever since. I've been looking for answers OUTSIDE of myself ever since. I have been heartbroken ever since.

So in a note to myself I say:

1. Magick information is metaphor, don't take it literally.
2. Don't ask your soul for something it has already said no to.

How to Do it Right

Just do it and listen. The Nutty Professor just emailed me an experience she had that led to an attitude that is  exactly what I learned during the early stages of the process! That is really cool

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Anonymous said...

Is the book writing project the crucible that prepares you, transforms you, in to the most receptive you can be to make any relationship a success? In other words, the book is not the receptacle of the blessing. But the book is the means to transform you in to the right receptacle.