Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Nature of Healing

The Disciple is called by Jesus to heal others. I have wondered about her because she believes her god to be omnipotent and all knowing. If so, why does He need her to pray for healing? Surely, she is not needed to call the sick to His attention. Of course, my vision of the perpetual unfolding of perfection is not the same as but certainly comparable to her viewpoint and therefore, I have questioned my healing abilities. Why are they needed? If all is perfect, is correction necessary?

I have reached the conclusion that healing is not the service being offered. Instead, the healing act is one of fostering unity. It teaches that two separate individuals are one. The slightest of healings can teach this. Soul readings share it at a deeper level than any of the healing I perform for body or mind because the soul structure is closer to the core of who we are.

In a similar fashion, I have contemplated justice. Vengeance (punishment) is not justice for such human judgements cannot equate the damages done by the crime and punishment. True justice is a healing act. The victim, perpetrator and those effected all receive the measure of healing needed.  With that healing, we again understand how we unified in the process and all is one.

All actions of spirit, prayer, magick, compassion, kindness are healing/unifying actions. There is but one perfection and but one right action, unifying works.

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