Thursday, February 21, 2013

So What is Different?

On February 4, I released a damaged part of my soul. The changes are so drastic that I believe I was reborn. The odd part is that while only a little more than a fortnight as passed I feel as if I have always been this way.

The changes I am aware of at the moment are:

1.   The ever-present burning anger is gone.
2.   The need to be constantly negative is gone.
3.   I dance while doing housework.
4.   There are smiles for no reason at all.
5.   It is a joy to get out of bed in the morning.
6.   I meditate for longer periods in one sitting.
7.   I long for nothing.
8.   Progress toward new found life goals occurs daily.
9.   There is less hesitation.
10. There is no worry.
11. There is more love.
12. People at work go out of their way to compliment me.
13. An ego trip that to me is subtle but others may find to be huge.
14. An incredible sensation about my head that reminds me of the origin of the witch's hat.
15. The arrival of spirit so strong it feels like an eighteen wheeler made of feathers falling on me.
16. A desire to lose my sense of self.
17. Euphoria when I do anything that is on my purpose, more so when I throw things away.
18. I am happy.
19. The knowledge that you can do this and more.
20. Speaking with others is easy.
21. When I share, which is a preferred term over teaching, I am totally comfortable.
22. I know what peace feels like.
23. I love you.
24. A sense of sarcasm is still there but weakening.
25. A negativity is there but I call myself on it regularly. When I don't, someone else does. Yet, the          
      negativity is very soft.
26. I am still judgmental but at a greatly reduced rate.

Things that have not changed.

1.   I am lazy.
2.   I do not take care of myself.
3.   I still know that you are perfect.
4.   I still know you are divine and are G-d.
5.   The desire to continue is still intense.
6.   My woeful ignorance.

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