Friday, February 8, 2013

Completion of the Great Work

So what has happened? 

A few weeks ago, my soul told me to celebrate my PTSD was cured. I allowed myself to feel the joy. I believed my soul. Though, I wasn't sure of when. Would it go away and come back? Did my soul  have a different concept of time?

Then I did the shard meditation. Something has seriously changed. 

There are no PTSD symptoms. I feel sad or nostalgic or something like that but nothing sticks. I am not sleeping much but that is due to either my back issue or being so deliriously happy that my energy levels skyrocket. 

I definitely talk to my highest soul now. There is not the slightest doubt.  I have some knowledge of that which directly connects it to the Divine. There is a plan for my life. I am following that plan and I am excited. 

My healing work for others is doing great. 

I feel that I have accomplished everything I ever wanted to as a magician. I am whole. I can do kick ass magick. I am aware of my divine link. 

Have I completed the Great Work? No.

The Great Work includes simply BEING in alignment with your soul and DOING  what you are supposed to be doing. The Great Work does not end. We simply continue to unfold. 

You can do this too. Have no doubt. You can do it. Take the steps. Keep taking them. No matter how hard it gets, keep walking forward. Know that someday, you will deeply connect to your soul and G-d. You are so close right now. So very close.

You have seen my struggles. I have hidden nothing. You know it is hard. Now, I am going to show you why the journey is worth the effort.

Let Peace descend upon you my brothers and sisters! You are perfect. You are divine. All you have to do, is remember. 

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Yvonne Chireau said...

I am not sleeping much either. I figure there is simultaneous astral work going on with me, big time. I was worried about it for a while but as long as movement is occurring there is nothing to worry about.

Your happiness and peace is contagious. THAT is the point of the kind of light that you have. I want it!!