Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Yesterday, I went for an eye exam. They posted pictures of my eyeballs on the computer screen as I waited for the doctor. On one eye, I saw a rather large area obviously darker than anything else. Though it had smooth edges, making it look less natural, there were some odd curvatures. To me, it looked a bit scary. The odd part was that I wasn't afraid at all.

I simply thought, well, if I have an eye disease and lose my sight in one eye, that must be something my soul needs me to experience. What adjustments will I have to make? Depth perception would be a problem. Would I be able to continue to play disc golf?I  experienced no fear, no worry, no physiological reaction. Sweet! There was total faith that this too was perfect.

It turns out it was just a shadow and my eyes are perfectly healthy.

Pulling Strings

When one engages in the Great Work one finds other people will try to pull one down on occasion. It seems that when you climb a step up, someone will try to trip you and accept some 'credit', for lack of a better word, for their accomplishment. Usually, they get a sense of superiority.

This isn't necessarily meanness on the part of the other but more of a natural unconscious reaction. Often, there is some impure part of the personality at work here but that is all well as they are tugging at an impure part of the seeker's personality.

Esoterically, this is a test. If they can knock you down, you are not balanced. Through much of my career people were able to successfully find a rope and give it a yank. Down I would fall. Of late, three or four people have tried to pull me out of my perfection high by tugging on the metaphorical rope. They found themselves holding nothing but a small string. I look at them as having performed a small service like plucking away an small unraveled thread from my coat.

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Yvonne Chireau said...

...and you continue to pass these tests. You inspire me my friend. Continue to watch masterfully from a neutral space, with amusement.

thank you