Thursday, February 28, 2013

Habits of Spiritual Living: Believe Everything

There are those that will tell you that you must read, digest, understand and be able to quote forth  from ponderously written tombs at parties before the spiritual intelligentsia. If you cannot, then perhaps you really do not understand. After all, the words of the Tsangyang Gyatso are particularly apropos to the discussion at hand. So glad that you get it, but you really don't.

Later, you run out and read what you can find on Gyatso and find that you have no idea how it applied, but you find other things and eventually learn to follow the conversations and eventually keep up...but, but how do you feel? Less, somehow, less.

This is what they intend you see. Those memorized passages are magick spells of superiority, a glamour needed by those that feel that less than they are. They above. You below. Now perhaps intend was a poor choice of words. Intent requires awareness and these folks are not aware. Learned perhaps, intelligent and even fully cognizant of many things but not, not fully, aware of the game they are playing.  

Which of you should feel less?


You see the game worked and if you were who you are the game cannot, could not, be played. If they were who they are, the game could not, would not, be played. 

What they don't see, is the game behind the game is the same one you are playing, only you use dice. Ninety pair. Roll, roll them again. How many sixes turned up? How many pairs can you match to equal six? How my triples equal six? Oh, six isn't your number yet? What about fives?

Oh, playing with dice they say? Simple fool, the knowledge is in books. He will get it though. He's a good chap. They might utter these things behind your back or in the quiet recesses of their superior minds but how do they feel?

Less. Sadly less.

And blessed are they that know not! More blessed are those that know they feel as they do. Cursed are those that hide it from you behind a cloud of mystic-speak but worry not for they are blessed too as curses and blessings are the same. And, so this one thing is true. Those books of theirs and knowledge rote, and your dice that float are one in the same.

You may have first noticed that all the dice are cubes and tossed in some gamers, eight-sided, maybe sixteen. Yet, they all bounce and roll, no difference there. Oh sure, there may be more or less hops and skips as they skid along the table and maybe onto the floor. They may have odd angles and many faces but never too much or too few. And in the end, in the end, they always present a number, face up, but there is more to the left, to the right, or some odd angle and even a number on the bottom, impossible to see. The dice, no matter the what they show, are whole dice.

 And what is the point of a die? The numbers of course. And, where do they come from? Well, they start with one. One. Just one but what was before? None. Just none. 

Nothing but everything, zero the mother of one the mother of all.

Books are much alike, pages, bindings, covers containing information, power, words, ideas whether you can understand or not...for some ideas are on the bottom and that is okay too. But these ideas, these sentences, these words, these letters, from whence did they come? From sound and what does sound come from? Silence. The deafening music of silence. Nothing but everything, silence the father of all. 

Books or dice it is all ONE.

So, when they covet their books and words, gematria, the Iwa, the Neteru, the earth itself and say, "Brother this is the way!" Know, know with all your being they are right but so are you, and your dice as they clatter upon the floor. 


JustElila said...

That was truly the most beautiful, wonderfully written and expertly veiled thing you have ever produced (and that I have seen). Well done.

Robert said...

Thank you. It was odd to hit the publish button on that one.

Anonymous said...

Sic semper rogatum!