Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rosicrucian Initiation Dream

Last night, I dreamed of standing for a Rosicrucian initation. I am not sure how I knew what it was but I knew. I did see the Golden Dawn cross and triangle on the altar. This was a very clear dream. The feeling was very natural. I was in the right place.

At some point, the dream jumped like a badly spliced movie. I was on my knees before the altar like in a GD style initiation. There was a jackass behind me that was sort of a wild man that tried to make it scary. He didn't succeed. The officiant scolded him, telling him that we left that behind long ago. A sword blade pressed against my neck,"...as I bow my neck before the blade of the Hiereus..."

Normally, that is done blindfolded and before the altar in the near center of the room and which is west of the two pillars. Here there were no pillars but two objects very close to my left and right. Both were covered by clothes. I felt like I was very pressed in by these objects but I was not claustrophobic.

This dream was VERY real.

The feeling of being closed in is reflected in the previous about being told not to heal and being in a caccoon.

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