Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Soul Says No Healing

Tonight, there will be two posts as two topics have arrived that need immediate recording.

I have attempted four healing sessions in four days. The results have been...neutral.

I know a woman that has consistent migraines. I have offered from time to time and she took me up on it earlier in the week. When I tried to get to her I was told no by my soul. However, I pushed through. What I saw wasn't a migraine but sort of a spiritual shock to her system. I helped out (maybe a little) and then told her what I saw. I regret telling her as it may have made her feel bad. She has another healer option that sounds like a good bet. I could do the work but it would be different.

A faithful client and friend ask me to heal a family member. Again, my soul said no. I pushed to see her anyway. I did no work but asked why I was getting a no. I was told that I could get her out of this emergency situation but that the long term effects of my healing would be difficult on the patient and that I would be imposing my will upon her and G-d. Exit stage left.

A long distance friend needed some aid as well over the last couple of weeks. I think my work has been moderately effective but not great. I expect to do better. Last night's work on another issue of his was a bust.

My Gal asked for help tonight and again I was told no. I do a lot of work for her and have always been successful. I asked why I was being told no. "We" (here we go with We again) said that I am being 'cocooned'. Sigh.

So, I may be off the healing track for a bit but maybe I will return stronger? I don't know.


Yvonne Chireau said...

In my experience this means that the Soul is telling you to not to step on the karma of another person. They must, as you did, as we do, HEAL THEMSELVES. All you can do is show them where the problem is. We are all able to do this now, to be free. YAY!! Shine the light Robert. People will come to you just to find out how it is done.

Anonymous said...

I would like to suggest that in the case of the first woman, perhaps what you saw was the root causes of the migraines. I don't know what you typically "see" as a migraine; however, a migraine is always a symptom of a deeper root cause, most of the time unknown to doctors, because so little is understood about them, and the sufferer can only manage the triggers, but not the actual root cause of the migraine. So perhaps you actually saw more than you expected to see or normally saw when you visited this person.

I would also like to suggest that perhaps she did not feel badly about what you said, but perhaps it was not what she was expecting either, and she was not sure how to respond to it, or quite what to do with the information, and had to take some time to consider what you had told her. Rest assured that such information as you gave her would surely not go unheeded by someone who was serious about seeking their own spiritual and physical health and growth. :-)

My question is, though, why would you continue to pursue a course of action that your soul had told you not to do? I am certain that this is why you feel your results were "neutral" -- you were not working in harmony with the greater good of all -- including you.

And yes, I agree very much with Yvonne's comment. Shamanic healers do not simply treat the symptoms, but take the individual to the root of the problem. This is a very serious and in some ways "dangerous" work, in that soul retrieval can go very wrong if the guide doesn't really know what they are doing. The damage can be irreversable. But if done correctly, the client/patient goes back to where the soul fragmented and actually heals themself, calls back their own fragmented parts, with the help of the shaman/guide.

So if all you do is to point out what you see -- even if people don't like it -- and explain to them who they need to go to in order to get help, or what they need to do, that in itself is providing a great service. It is up to them to decide whether or not they will act on your advice.