Friday, December 23, 2011

Telling Dream

I have had a bit of a relapse on mood. I guess that is to be expected.

Last night, I had a long series of a dream. It involved unknown mobsters killing people. It involved people dying left and right in various scenarios. This was not frightening. I walked right by as folks were machine gunning other folks. This wasn't bravery. I didn't feel threatened.

I am not sure how but this dream morphed into me taking a hike on a mountain trail. Here I came across many people I know or knew. Twelve hours after waking up, I don't remember the people but I do know they were real life people from past and present. The dream was very colorful.

At some point,  I found myself in a very green area. There was someone there I considered a good friend. There was some sort of loving friendship there. He was staring up at an incline, very steep. It was covered in green grass but rough. This would be quite difficult to get up. I said that I have this fountain to install. The fountain was rickety and made of wood. It was more of a complicated picture frame than anything else. There was no way for a water source to be connected to it. Looking back, it was more like the star card in concept -- just a way to pass through water (spiritual sustenance)  from one plane to another.

I knew the fountain had to be taken up that slope but I walked on by.

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