Saturday, December 17, 2011


Last night, I dreamed my ex-wife was doing the LBRP. She has never done one in her life to my knowledge. In what I do not think was a continuation of that dream, My Gal, did the LBRP. I half woke up and did a mental LBRP myself.

Very quickly after falling asleep, My Gal and I walked up a VERY STEEP grassy path. The path was mowed and very neatly taken care of. It did not sway to the left or the right. It was one straight line up a mountain. I call this type of mountain a california mountain because around here, the high places are basically green weeds in the winter and dead brown during the summer. In the dream, while the grass was a healthy green, the rest of the mountain was brown. Way below, a freeway cut through that same mountainous terrain.

The path was so steep that I had to walk it quickly and using my hands to maintain any sort of grip. My Gal had an easier time by appearances but I always kept up. She made it to the top first and then reached a hand down to pull me over the top when I cried out for help.

I woke with a one word realization that feels like it healed my old coven situation and some other recent traumas. That one word is so simple. So obvious that it shouldn't heal anything. Heck,most would consider it a negative word.

I feel good, happy and a bit fearful. Maybe that last means I still have more to overcome. Maybe the healing is just an illusion of the moment. Time will tell.


nutty professor said...

bless you my friend
that is all

Melissa said...

This is a comment to a post several months old, so I'm not positive you'll see it.

I have a very basic question. (Sorry.) You mention doing a mental LBRP. Is it okay, then, to do the LBRP silently, visualizing the vibrated words?

Robert said...

Yes, you can do it that way. In my opinion a mental or astral LBRP well preformed is better than a physical one. However, in order to that well most people have to do a lot of physical rituals first.

In my case, it took me a lot of physical rituals before I could keep my hands from running all over the place on the astral. This made my linear forms quite poor in the astral version.

People with more raw talent than I can probably get to the right place faster than I.