Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Yesterday, I attended the funeral of a coworker's husband.  The man died after a relatively short fight with cancer. So, my friend/coworker had time to prepare herself. Nonetheless, I admire the way she handled the entire thing. She demonstrated a class and decorum that I think few could match.

I noticed how the man eulogized was much like me. The traits I view as personally negative were portrayed positively. This is the form of funerals. However, it was the same way that my supporters speak of me when I beat myself up over what I perceive of as my negative traits. I am not sure what to make of that. They also spoke of positive traits that I do not possess.

The other thing I noticed was the architecture of the church. In the ceiling one could see a deeply recessed equal-armed cross. Light shone from somewhere within its form. Suspended within and beneath this cross was a standard Christian cross made of very thin simple wood. This struck me as much more the healing aspect of Jesus that folks talk about rather than the horrid image I grew up with of a crucified Jesus hanging on the back wall of the church.

I enjoyed it when others prayed for the deceased. There was no spiritual longing. There was no selfishness. I could feel the pleasant love of those in attendance. That was very nice.

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nutty professor said...

good to read you again and see that even the death of a friend is something of a respite for you