Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Some back channel discussion on yesterday's post made me want to clarify something I said. I suppose I used an unclear analogy. When I said I felt like I was coming home to a long abandoned house, I meant that is how I feel on the inside. As the PTSD is being treated the horrible negative emotions that it constantly brought up have calmed. This is leaving a void.

What do I feel now? I actually asked myself, "What do normal people think about all day?" "What thoughts can I have to replace those that are ebbing?" Nothing is coming to mind. So, I feel like part of me as abandoned. This is a good thing but feels very odd.

On a better note...

I am reading and taking solid notes on JMG's Geomancer Handbook. It is much easier to understand this time around.

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Nightjohn said...

I imagine this feeling you're getting is totally normal and healthy. You're getting over something and moving into a new "head-space". New thoughts and feelings will eventually replace your old ones.

I would watch my thoughts carefully, though, if I were you, just because sometimes the new thoughts that come in are just as negative as the ones that left. If you catch them early, you can do something about it before they do you any harm.