Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Astral Dream and Some Magick

I awoke this morning remembering a dream.

Before me stood a spiritual being. My immediate instinct was to put my forehead to Its feet. I did that. Immediately, I entered my astral body. I astrally projected: 0 feet! I was laying across my own body forming an equal-armed cross.

There are various equal-armed crosses that serve as initiation badges on various paths. I have no idea if this means I am making progress or if the cross meant that I am not going to move further.

I tried to project across the lower planes. I didn't move. The being told me that I am doing it wrong. Without any sensation at all, I was in a castle. It was my castle. I was then distracted by a sexy woman...poof dream and projection over. I hate falling for that test!

Tonight, I met with my friend, Flower, and did some magick Conclave style. We encountered a new goddess that took me to task. I will post that tomorrow.

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Anna said...

One step foward two steps back but dont give up this is normal but always frustrating.