Monday, December 19, 2011

More Improvement

Well, I continue to see measured and incremental improvement in my mental/emotional state. At this point, I feel wellish but very empty. I feel like I've just walked into a long abandoned house. You know life was there once but now there is silence and emptiness. This isn't horrific but it isn't the emptiness of meditation either. There is some sadness.

I have been able to read and understand. I have been reading John Michael Greers, The Geomancer's Handbook and taking copious notes.


nutty professor said...

I am glad to hear this. You sound more like yourself in this post.
On another topic, I think that someone is reading your posts for adsense! This is the web advertisement that came up under your blog:

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...internet mind-reading, I guess. Or a smart computer. Either way, it reiterates that everything can be bought and sold online. If I type that I am sending healing thoughts to you will I get a Reiki ad?

Robert said...

Yes adsense matches ads to content. I like it when I mention water and water treatment products come up. It isn't perfect.

I project to make $100 a year with the ads. It isn't much but they don't appear to be all that annoying and it will buy some books.

Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed having Geomancy under my belt or in my block of divination tools. It's the only divination I've ever been paid for, and I definitely gave my client her money's worth. Lately I've been learning I Ching, and in time I feel like I'll get paid for that too. It's amazing to think, though, that I now have four means of minding the future and thinking through problems — Geomancy, tarot, I Ching, and ogham. Astrology still just mystifies me, though.

Rose said...

very much informative..thank you for sharing.