Saturday, April 23, 2011

Life, Death and Spiritual Context

There are some folks that would say that my recent posts about death and the recent passing of my father are coincidences. With these folks I am not concerned. There are those that may consider the idea that my recent work on the path of Death caused the death of my father. Before you think it, no. I have not had any communications to that effect. I have simply heard the question asked in similar circumstances. So, I assume that someone out there has had the thought cross his or her mind.

Situations like this give a spiritual or learning context to the normal events of our lives. I will use the Golden Dawn system as an example.Where I in the water grade, Practicus, the primary lesson here would be emotional. Perhaps, it would be my job to learn to deal with grief, the emotional support of others, providing emotional support, dealing with other people while in a state of emotional difficulty or a host of other things. 

In this case, the lesson may be that death really means very little. In may mean something else. I haven't considered this very deeply yet. So, allow me to pause and read these past posts and see if there is a clue there.

My Past Lives
Surrendering to Death
Along the Path of Death

I found this, " "This is why death does not matter." I was shown the earth from so far above. "Wars do not matter. Rapes do not matter. Trials and pains do not matter." The vision was so vast as to point out all our human fears, pains and trials are nothing to the universe. "What matters is the continual birth." The dark soil from yesterday's vision came alive in a riot of colors, watered by acceptance."

"This is why death does not matter." Sounds very much like my father's words to me yesterday, "Then he told me all of this doesn’t matter. Death doesn’t matter at all."

This boys and girls, is why you keep a diary. One can argue that I wasn't speaking to my dad yesterday. One cannot argue that these words in my head, echoed other words in my head from the past. Something internal is trying to teach me something.


Such is the Work of a magician.

Speaking of Practicus

I have noticed that I am getting lessons about all the elements of late. Fire, Water and Earth issues have been readily apparent. Air is hiding or more subtle but I am sure it is out there.

Past Lives

I was given more insight into this today while in a half-dream state. It was most interesting but I'm not up to recording more at the moment.

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