Monday, April 11, 2011

Expanding the Personality

Yes but what if you're an asshole?

Apologies but I just couldn't let that one go by.

I am reading the book The Magus of Strovolos. This is required reading for anyone doing the Great Work. It tells the story of an enlightened Christian healer in Cyprus.

In the book the Magus, tells of esoteric philosophy, healing, karma, assuming the karma of others, extrodinary levels of astral travel and of course healing. I am only on page 74. Not only is this book inspiring but, according to the author, it is true.

It is told by the author in the first person as he sits in this man's classes and watches the healings he performs. Much of the wisdom is provided through dialog of an obvious learned and wise man. There are so many sweet lines that I just cannot cover them all here and I will not try. Student's of any level should read this book. This is not merely inspirational but informative.

One of the ideas he presented struck me as my own insofar as this is what I've meant to say but failed to communicate effectively. The idea is that the small current personality sits in the center of the larger immortal personality, what I would call the higher self. That in turn in centered on the center of "God." The work, is about expanding that current personality so that it full encompasses the larger. That in turn expands to be in complete unity with "God".  The broken circle of "God" merely indicates S/He has no boarders.

"The immediate aim is to develop your psychonoetic powers so that you can be of service to your fellow human beings. The ability to carry out exomatosis [astral projection] is a means of psychotherapy, not an end to itself. The ultimate goal is to realize who you are, to become one with God, to become a god. This is what we call Theosis. We are gods," Daskalos said, "but we are not aware of it. We suffer from self-inflicted amnesia. The aim," he reiterated many times, "is to reawaken that which we have always been and we shall always be..."

In my last post, I indicated how I can now brush against things and get a psychic imprint of their pains. I believe this is because my lower personality has expanded a bit. Instead of being just a centimeter in circumference, I am now eleven millimeters.

In a clarification to that post, I don't necessarily think of my meager abilities as powers. They are merely expressions of who I am at the moment. They are the same as my tendency to be quickly irritated. Though, the latter is an expression of separateness that still reigns in my ego and the former an understanding of unity with more than my little personality.

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Kalagni said...

That tri-layer self is the model I work on. Self, Higher-Self, God-Self. That book sounds fascinating, thanks for sharing, I'll add it to my list.