Sunday, April 10, 2011

Psychic Wounds

Perhaps the correct word is growing pains. Either way, things were painful this weekend. I think the Gentle Soul helped me through it just by being there.

I have been very open psychically of late. It isn't working for me as I expected such things to work. I can now open and scan a room or person. I can see hot spots. This is very much akin to a blind man feeling for a wound on someone's body. Everything is normal as he slides his hand up an arm. When he gets to the wound he can feel the blood and maybe gauge the length of the cut but not the depth. I can feel the hot spot in a room or on a person. I can feel the pain it causes, even if the person is unaware. I can feel the pain a hot spot in a room throws off. With people, I cannot discern the cause of the painful energy. In a room, I sometimes feel I can.

Closing is a different story. Many times I cannot or close too late.

Being this open means that I get a raw feeling. This is very similar to what I call an sun burned aura when you work magick a bit out of your league. The psychic raw is trying. It isn't emotional. My emotions don't change. However, if I encounter something difficult or draining, the impact on my aura or etheric body does not fade quickly. Even if I sense something harsh and shut down immediately, that harshness gets imprinted. Sometimes, it can literally last all day.

Had I been in negative company during parts of this weekend, these feelings could have made life difficult. As it was, I almost left the room several times over the course of the weekend just to be alone. Everyone was great, there was just too many layers of input.

I really don't feel that makes much sense to the reader. I'm sorry for not being able to write that more clearly.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

Whilst I find your abilities pretty amazing, on the other hand not being able to 'turn them off' is something that would make me go in to a mini-panic.

As the famous slogan of Pirelli tyre manufacturers goes: 'Power is nothing without control'.

Be well,


Robert said...

Thank you for your comment, concern and advice. I think it is more like this. Once I open, I can close but I can't lock. So, a large or persistent force can get in. I can with focus stop input but what I have real trouble with is the imprint left behind. I am explaining this poorly. But yes, if I don't learn to close more solidly, it could pose trouble.

Anonymous said...

Your description reminds me of a scene in a submarine movie where the sonar operator switches the view from sonar to thermal. It sounds like the after-images of thermal remain without you being able to switch back to sonar. Is that anywhere close to what you are experiencing?