Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Little Chat with the HGA

Sometimes, learning something new makes me feel dense. It really shouldn’t. We all learn in our own time. That doesn’t change my perception that I should have learned it sooner. I have never claimed in this space to be a mental genius. I strive only to fully manifest spirit. That is only interrupted by a little thing I’ve been trained to call the ego, which I now call the little personality.

At some point last night or this morning, I realized that I have the perfect teacher, my HGA. All I have to do is pray and ask for instruction and it is provided. My little personality has nothing to figure out about what I should and shouldn’t do to learn more. All I have to do is ask and it will be given. Today, I asked. I am sure this is out of order.

How can I hold the faith the Magus of Strovolos has in the divine?

Pray. Have this symbol by you but pray through it. Do not become an idolater and worship the symbol. See through it as an image of your understanding a focal point.

I looked at this symbol in my mind’s eye for a bit and understood. Immediately the image changed. The new symbol was explained to me like this. 

The circle is the Divine, Its Beingness. The inverted pentagram is what I am doing now. Manifesting the spirit the balanced elements in earthly life. The triangle reflects an adoring practice of the One, the Helpful Deity and Hermes. Ceremonial magicians and their linear forms! I am so glad I am not a cryptographer! The coloring was mine as the lines without the red triangle color were simply a mess to look at.

You must buy new clothes. This is not a want but a need. Never mind the money. Just like the removal of aspartame has impacted your body and spirit so too will this. Buy high quality footwear.

You have always noticed that the flaw in the GD system is that there is no health component. The body is virtually ignored. To move and improve your body is your work in ZAM. You are not there yet but such work is not always linear. Begin now.

It is time to apply yourself to GD studies again. Turn off the ball games. Again, you will be happier in this and this will help your spirit, just like removing aspartame. It is also important for [censored]*.

She is what you think she is. [This is in regards to the Gentle Soul.]

I will continue to show you past lives. Yes, they are real past lives. Like everything else, your understanding and perception of them will grow.

Trust in your silence. Have complete trust in it. 

* There are a few things about my life that I feel it is best to keep off the blogs. This wouldn't be any big deal to 99% of readers but it could put me in a maelstrom with folks that do not normally comment here.


Yvonne said...

any ideas what you are going to do to improve the body (besides cutting out aspertame)? a regimen? a diet? sports?

Robert said...

nope. Aside from eating more generally healthy, I think the higher quality shoes will make me get up and move more and go on walks. I like doing that. I do plan to ask on what I should be doing.

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

Four days a week, I walk for an hour---good shoes are a must when you are doing something like that.

Hypnovatos said...

It is interesting to see another magician so focused on physical health, something i have pushed others to do for quite some time.
I was able to lose 40lbs over the space of about 9 months (just 1-2 lbs a week so the skin retains its elasticity). AND, last week i did just what you are considering, bought some of the most expensive shoes i have ever purchased and they have only ONE use, trail running. Merrell Trail Glove shoes. Absolutely fantastic shoe which makes me want to head up to the trails every day. I think the spending of that kind of money propels you to use them rather than let them sit in the closet ;)