Friday, April 15, 2011

Magick Interupted, Is Magick Done

The Need to Stop

When it comes to magick, I work pretty hard it at. I've learned to play at it too. I think of myself as living a magickal lifestyle.

Over the years of magical career, I have learned something. Magick is a verb. At one time, I thought that meant that one has to do magick to live magick. However, that would mean the magician is a verb. Sometimes the magician has to stop. He must be also be an observer. He must also let the magick work. He must also let the magick be the verb all on its own.

This is the alchemical equivalent of a long slow heating process. Things take as long as they take.

I can be active in many ares of magick right now. I can learn, teach, study. I cannot get in my temple room and progress that way. I think that has to do with my workings of the the Devil and the Tower. That work has not reached completion. The magician has acted. Now, he must be patient.

Perception of Another's Soul

I met with a friend last night. As she began describing the state of her soul, I used my sight and looked. I had a definiate perception of the part of the soul she brought up. As her story unfolded, I realized my vision very closely corresponded to her self-perception. This is good. My sight is certainly improving in solid ways.

My attitude as a magician has prompted me to ask questions like, did I see her soul or was I granted a vision of her perception. The distinction is important if she was wrong. I cannot think of a way to determine which is which.

In a more mystical realm, I saw what I saw. I can accept my perception as valid.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting, I was just searching high and low for an idea of what a verb form for magick would be, and yet it may be magick. Though I confess, the sentance "I'm going to go magick" does sound a bit odd.