Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lessons Relearned with the LBRP

Last weekend, I did a cleansing of a bedroom. Actually, it was a converted garage. A teen or young woman had prostituted herself and taken drugs there. There was considerable psychic yuck about.

The really blog worthy part was that she left a fractured part of herself behind. It was very 'dirty'. The color of it was a deep murky brown. I told this thing that I was going to banish but that it could return. I wasn't trying to harm it. I merely wanted to get rid of the yuck and said that it may make her more comfortable too.

I did the LBRP, BRH and then hit the area with holy water and fire in the form of a sage stick. This is not exactly blog worthy material. However, I remembered this is more than just a rote ritual. I took enough time to be worshipful, deliberately respectful and communicated with the angels. I asked them to do specific things. I was really pleased with the results in the moment. I could so FEEL their movements and energies/powers.

The next day, I saw her again, she was white! She was remembering that she wasn't a worthless soul. I think that fractured part was part of her that tended to be more 'holy' but it had devalued itself. I am not sure she will be there when next I visit.


Frater Acher said...

What a wonderful experience and service to the space, the person and her ghost. Thanks for sharing! Sometimes the veil between the realms is really thin...

nutty professor said...

Beautiful! This is real Healing, and worthwhile work that requires the kinds of skills you have acquired. This is what "It" is all about. Good for you, good for the world.