Thursday, April 14, 2011

How My Self-Belief Impacted My Magick

I have been thinking about a serious answer to the belief in magick thread.

I can say that belief did impact my magick but not in a way that I've seen others have recently talked about. I believed in magick soon after the first person in my life told me he was a magician. However, I didn't believe I could do it. When I did my first spell, out of Buckland's Candle Magic, I had the beginner's good luck that is oft spoken of. Still I didn't believe in my abilities.

Over the following years I did many acts of magick. Those that showed clear results immediately, I knew I did. There were a couple where I simple "knew" they worked well after I fired them off. Soon after this gnosis, I was made directly aware of the results. Most spells though did nothing. I didn't believe I had real talent in this arena. Magick worked. However, I wasn't very good at it. This belief kept me from doing much spell work.

Many many years past before I realized that the goal of a spell I released many years prior had been achieved. I looked back and realized that every spell I did eventually manifested in what I wanted. With a few notable exceptions, the all worked in a very positive manner. Holy cow! I could do this stuff.

That belief allowed me to do much more magick, and helped me to look for the various ways my magick manifested. The work I did had greater and greater effect because I eventually figured out how to do my magick. This not only involves the techniques used but the attitude I need when I do them.

Yes, I know. I didn't address the question everyone else was debating. They did a good enough job on that. I was just examining how my beliefs impacted my learning curve.


nutty professor said...

I enjoy reading this blog. You are not an arrogant asshole, and you seem to be very honest. It makes for good writing, as I have said before. Thanks.

Robert said...

i appreciate your words. Thank you. Occasional positive feedback is a really appreciated.