Monday, April 25, 2011

Confirmation and the Big Lesson

Well, it has been an interesting day. As I posted, I had a little chat with my Dad Sunday.

Part of that post was this exchange:

Dad again, “You can’t think about what you are trying to do. It isn’t about thought.” “Yes,” he said to my thought, “I served [like a Pisces – my term not his]. But none of that military stuff mattered. The most important thing you can learn right now is the everyday kindness that [the Gentle Soul] is teaching you.”

“I am not good at that.”

“Get good. That is really what matters in life. The military stuff, politics none of that matters. It is the everyday that has import. [The Gentle Soul] can teach you that. Learn from her.”

Today, I received a very long series of tests from the Psychic. She has had a host of serious medical issues and overdosed on her pain medication. She had a near death experience. She watched her body twitching in death, saw all of her friends flash before her eyes, visited a sister and told her she didn't want to die. At that point, she shot back into her body.

The lesson she learned from this was compassion and unconditional love for all these people, nothing else matters.

That is good enough for me. There are too many coincidences, convergences and lessons going around. The lessons are being worded slightly differently but they are all the same. I never thought I'd be confident that I spoke to my dead father but I am.

One of the things I've started to do is to program my responses in advance. I've created little thought forms designed to show love and compassion as I get up in the morning and then watch them work throughout the day. This is an idea I obtained from the Magus of Strovolos book. With this latest confirmation, I will do this daily.

My grumpiness has been a long standing issue for me that I've shared my struggles on here. It seems the Universe is going a LONG way to teach me this one NOW. I plan on learning it this time. I mean really learning it.

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