Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why Leos are Angry

(Given that this is one of my most popular post by search words "Leo anger" or things similar, I am adding a link to this which shares a stronger solution than found here. I hope someone finds it of value.)

Someone asked me the other day why Leos are so angry. Coming from a fellow Leo, this was a good question. Given all that is going on in my life at the moment, my answer was not complete. I said something like this can be overcome. I am proof of that. Most of the time now, I am not angry at all. I can flash quickly into irritation. I suppose that is a form of anger but I’m not generally angry…anymore. Generally speaking, I am quite content and sometimes happy, when not at work

Are Leo’s angry as a rule? I would say so. Of course, I know of exceptions. That said, most of us have an anger boiling under the surface.  Hell hath no fury like a Leo scorned. I just made that up. Why? Before I answer that, allow me to provide an example of typical Leo behavior.

Years ago, I worked in telecommunications for a county government agency. A higher up in the District Attorney’s office called my boss and asked the prices of fax machines. After hearing the news, this fellow declared that he was going to go to Office Depot and buy three times as many. My boss having twenty years of experience in the field patiently explained why this was a bad idea. The county faxes were more durable and came with support contracts. The fax machines at Office Depot about to be purchased where for home office use and wouldn't be able to handle the traffic. He went on to say that the DA’s office would be back in six months needing service on these faxes as they fell apart. Telecommunications would be unable to service these machines as they will be purchased as office supplies rather than approved telecommunications equipment. Six months later, that same official from the DA’s office called exactly as predicted. He was enraged that Telecom would not solve his self-created problem. The emotional explosion from this guy was volcanic. Was he a Leo? I don’t know but he sure was for that episode.

My workplace lesson there was to listen to the experts. This fellow may have been a fine attorney but my boss was an expert in telecom. These are both very useful skills but they are not interchangeable.

So what went on here? There was a complete lack of respect for the expertise of the telecom guy. There was defiance over the fact that his idea was being rejected. There was the false assumption that my boss was being an obstructionist.  There was the false assumption that a Leo idea is by definition superior to a non-Leo construct. These are symptoms to the problem. They are not the problem itself. Though, those symptoms do lead to anger.

The real problem is that this fellow sought to impose his view of the ‘right’ reality on others and was willing to run over the rules of purchasing, expert advice, and the emotional state of the other person involved, my boss, to do so.

In most matters of human interaction, if your view is correct, you do not have to impose with the force of a charging lion or a stubborn mule.  If you’re in the right place, you rarely have to run around finding people that agree with your preconceived notions. When you are in the right place, people simply notice. Though, few humans are in the right place.

Please do not assume I am saying that the Leo’s are the arrogant jackasses of the universe. All the astrological signs have arrogant jackass qualities. Leo’s are simply more obvious about it. 

You will never hear me claim to be an expert on astrology. Though, I am starting to learn some. Over the years, I have made some broad observations that, for me, prove my point that most humans are as arrogant as Leos. If nothing else, those signs should search within whenever they encounter and arrogant Leo and ask themselves what they are arrogant about.

The fixed signs, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus, generally have very closed minds. They reach a decision and further input is simply not warranted. After all, they didn’t make a bad decision. Counter proofs are therefore invalid. Both Leos and Aquarians hold the idea that they are just misunderstood. Though they act that out in different fashions. I'm not sure if the other two have this trait as well.

With mutable signs, Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo, I must admit I haven’t fully figured them out. They are quite open minded as a rule. Gemini may be an exception but soon personality one will overrule personality two and it looks like they are mutable. Mostly, they are oppositionally stubborn internally. Sounds like hell on wheels to me. Regardless, mutables are so open minded that they often cannot hold to a decision or simply run with the crowd. The arrogant part is they will permit any damage done to anyone outside the crowd. They feel being part of the crowd is so much more important than the damaged folks outside of said crowd.

Cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn like to start things but just don’t have the energy to carry them through. They have the vision, get folks riled up and running off in that direction and then the cardinal sign simply stops running, leaving the work of making that vision happen to others. They then feel very self-satisfied of having accomplished something. In reality everyone else did all the work.

The signs can also be grouped by element.

Fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius usually have sexual and anger issues. They will readily admit or imply that yes, they are the most important person in the equation. I am not really sure if that makes them the most arrogant or the most honest. Most folks put their best interests well before those of others.

Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are very much about secrets. They all have a variety of ways acting this out. A Cancer will hide things because it is none of your business and besides, revealing secrets is not safe, never mind that those secrets hide the real you from those that love you. What is more arrogant that self-indulgently justifying causing pain by withdrawing into your fears? Scorpios will see and reveal your secrets for...well who really needs a reason? Pisces will withhold secrets for your own good or because they simply judge you as arrogant for wanting to know.

Air signs, Libra, Aquarius and Gemini have a problem with honesty. They will say anything to convince others of their point of view full well knowing they will tell the next person completely contradictory things in order to sway them too. At the same time, they will work hard to keep these people from comparing notes. Should those notes be compared, those doing so engaged in an act of betrayal. I once asked a couple of Libras why they do this when it is obvious to everyone around them they are lying. The response from both was the same. Yes they were lying and yes they knew they were lying when they said it but they believed it at the time they spoke. Um...what? Keep in mind, neither of them knew the other's response to the question and the incidents being discussed where different.

Earth signs, Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo are another tough one for me. For the most part, they have spiffy homes. I like the way they decorate. In general, their spirituality is quite muted as practical concerns take over. Perhaps they are so practical the emotions of others have little import. I have less confidence in my assessment of earth signs than any other.

To summarize the base traits elementally: Fire (anger/sexuality), Water (Secrets), Air (honesty) and Earth (over-practicality?)

All of the above is a work in progress, as are all of my attitudes, assumptions and ideas on such things.

Oh, you really want to know why Leo’s are so angry? Read the above, Leo’s instantly find the negative side of everything. No wonder they are miserable.


Unknown said...

I would like to add that I think all the fire signs have that anger that seethes just below the skin. In my opinion I find it the force of Will, the fact that we have an overbearing confidence of our ideals, is often seen as arrogance.

Davin Mac Lugh said...

like the picture. Rawr.

M.C. said...

As a Leo, I can attest to the fact that I have always had the Fire and anger of which you and your commenter Bert speak; For a very long time I was credited with having an explosive temper on a very short fuse, and rightfully so. But once I began working on that aspect of my personality I found that once I could control it, I could also focus it and direct it toward achievement of my goals. The inner Fire of a Leo can be both a Gift and a Curse, in that if left unchecked, unbalanced, it can be radioactive and manifest as arrogance, rage or even sociopathy; But when properly integrated it can be the catalyst for great success.

Robert said...

I agree M.C. It can be channeled into great things. I didn't mean to imply that it could not.

Anonymous said...

you're a fuck head. there's some more negativity.

Anonymous said...

Im a Scorpio woman and have fallen for Leo guy..he told me that he needed to throw me off with some bs..because he was fallen for me ..I couldnt understand how he would be cold and I would text Long text trying to understand and comunicate with him..he wouldnt respond back ..but I stopped to stroke his ego more..paĆ­d off..but he says he needed to fall back from me bc..I would be the one to fuck him up..he didnt even what to have sex..even when I would try to..went 3 months..we did again..he told me he Miss me..I care about him..clueless..he wont respond to my short text now..wht does this mean

Robert said...


Leo's have a bit of a martyr complex in that they find themselves so defective that they fear hurting people. Inversely, they are defensive because they are very easily hurt and their feelings run very deep. His words, that you can mess him up means he cares about you and is vulnerable. That said, he seems like he is operating from the lower realms. This makes him a VERY difficult catch. This is all based on Leo's and not him. Without knowing the person, this could all be way off base.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Luv..but I finally told him how i felt I thought he was waiting on me..but because I found him irrestible and wanted to try us being together..when he told me that his mind frame was not on a relationship..and he dont want to send mides I thank him for being honest and that I respected..i told him that I adored him for being who

Anonymous said...

con' t...and I reminded him how strong he was..but I had to also let him knw that I have those same traits.his equal..but allowing my Scorp personality to let him shine..Lol..bc I have it going on!!I asked him was he going to take his chances and leave door open for the next.he said that Iwasnt suppose to make it this far..bc.most women stop bc he is inconsistent with ..he said I was strong..dont knw if he is just being honest..or if he wants me to prove my loyalty..dont want to waste time

Anonymous said...

One if the more accurate posts I've seen. As a Leo myself, I get so angry and frustrated with some modern astrologers who try to tame the mighty and fierce LIONS we are into this little kitten bullcrap. We are LIONS and have a fearsome temper. We were the only signs in ancient astrology to be both bestial (primal instinct over higher reasoning) and feral (savage behavior when angered). Modern astrologers need to be reminded of this.