Monday, April 18, 2011

Score Card on the HGA Instructions

Last time I wrote about the asked for and received instructions from my HGA. Let's see how I did in following those...

You must buy new clothes. This is not a want but a need. Never mind the money. Just like the removal of aspartame has impacted your body and spirit so too will this. Buy high quality footwear.

This I did and am going back for more clothing on Wednesday.

You have always noticed that the flaw in the GD system is that there is no health component. The body is virtually ignored. To move and improve your body is your work in ZAM. You are not there yet but such work is not always linear. Begin now.

I went for a two mile walk that day. There is no way I could have done that tonight or tomorrow. Maybe Wednesday.

It is time to apply yourself to GD studies again. Turn off the ball games. Again, you will be happier in this and this will help your spirit, just like removing aspartame. It is also important for [censored]*.

Fully no time at all for this. Maybe Thursday.

She is what you think she is. [This is in regards to the Gentle Soul.]

This is a bit confusing. This is not referring to the obviously implied (to me). I am not sure what is being talked about.

I will continue to show you past lives. Yes, they are real past lives. Like everything else, your understanding and perception of them will grow.

No more info here.

Trust in your silence. Have complete trust in it. 

This was an utter and complete failure. The test came in an obvious place that I did not expect. At least, I realized it toward the end.

Next time:

I attended a seder.
My analysis of the symbol given to me and revealed in the last post.

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