Friday, April 19, 2013

Void of Course Moon Experimentation

I have been doing a lot of visiting with ideas gathered over the course of my career regarding the void course of the moon. I posted a smattering of my experience here that I reference below.

I posit that the sights I see during voc are not as random as they appear but an unfiltered vision of unmanifested forces not unlike, though a bit more complicated, than a photographic negative. The woman I saw was surrounded in green because she has a 'desire' for me based upon my abilities and healing I have done for her and her family. This desire is a response to an unhealthy view of myself as an 'advanced' human. Green is the color of desire. The sword with the pommel in the stone shows my tendency at the time to find the most painful implications of thought and never grasping them in a way that I could use them properly.

When the moon is not void the energies pass through its field which stabilizes them for manifestation. I am therefore going to look at some difficult challenges in my life through the void of course moon and see if I can draw conclusions by observing their unfiltered state. It will not be long before I place some magick within the VOC and watch it flow through.

Stay tuned.

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