Friday, April 12, 2013

Making Qabala Real / Orgasm of the Heart

Criticism is often leveled at the Qabala for being impractical. The question turns on the what one deems practical. If you deem knowing thyself, traveling the astral to learn of your soul, angels or the nature of the divine practical, than Qabala is practical. If your view of practical is limited to things that directly impact this world, then Qabala is more difficult than say Hoodoo and witchcraft. 

Qabala is becoming practical for me because I have taken to sleeping with Hebrew letters. Often as I go to sleep, I will focus on either Qoph, Shin or Tau, the letters of the three lowest paths on the Tree of Life. Qoph deals with the moon, the unconscious and to some extent intuition. Shin is the creative force of fire when it flows downward but more destructive when you try to move up the path. Tau is the balanced force of manifestation and somewhat associated with Saturn. 

I cannot do this to great effect every time but often enough there is some intangible feel that tells me I got it right. A sampling of results follow.

Qoph -- the next day at work I knew that my coworker was having a self-esteem crisis. I toned down the banter that day and took the pressure off. Later that day, he said something that I overheard that confirmed what I felt. Practical Result: I did not accidentally negatively impact someone's tough day.

Shin -- the next day I meditated and realized that my past social problems have been with passive-aggressive people, their common tip-offs to their behavior and the like. From that, I am creating a life that moves past people like this and pay attention to opposite behaviors. Practical Result: This allows me to create my life with intention.

Tau - I dreamed of someone and was taught by the emotion of the dream. The odd part was that the setting of the dream and the demeanor of the other person were not congruent with the emotion of that other person as I felt it. That feeling resulted in a greater understanding of the others capabilities in this life. Practical Result: Some perceptual ideas grounded into practical useable knowledge. 

Obviously, all of these lessons can be put to use for practical magick. I will let you know, if I get around to it. 

Speaking of practical, I recieved this last week from the PTSD person I am working with.

"I experienced this three times in the space of 15 minutes, Robert! Simply amazing. I so wish everyone could experience this. To touch the divinity of All and within ourselves and the knowing... how incredible! to feel all feelings... it was like an orgasm of the heart. "

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