Monday, April 1, 2013

Healing Fail

A reader asked me for help with her daughter some time ago. I blogged about that at the time. I said dark beings descended from above to help. She reported that her daughter was indeed better.

Recently, she contacted me again and told me that  they went through "a month of hell" immediately afterwards. Incredibly trusting, she asked me to try again. This time, I was much  more careful and looked from a great distance. The black beings where there, waiting. I do not feel that I called them up from my healing the first time. I think they were always there. The lie in the 'bushes' and jump high and descend making them appear to come from above. My closest experience with anything similar is with the 'bats' I have seen above mental health facilities. Those can be dispelled with solar work. These may be the same but given the seem to be attacking someone's health and I don't know what I am dealing with, I demurred. I backed away. I have now referred the case to someone else that may have experience that I do not.

Lesson learned, never let anything else 'help'. Though frankly, I am not sure if I could have stopped them. I have fought off a lot of stuff on the astral. Those things were numerous and a bit out of my league. They also seem to feed on my particular healing energy. This was not a good combination.

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