Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Washing of Feet

I mentioned foot washing in this post. Last night, I had the opportunity to do that for someone. Even though the idea kept scratching my brain before the Pope started doing this, I felt like it was a foreign idea. The actual washing of said feet was anti-climatic. It was a bit humbling as the person kept chatting away as if I wasn't doing anything at all but that was just a small thing. Maybe it would have been more humbling if she stopped and stared. Who knows? But you can't wash someone's feet and say you didn't want to be humbled can you? I would have no problem doing that for anyone barring some infectious illness.

The upshot was this little phrase that came to me in meditation just beforehand.

As the souls of the feet keep you in contact with the Earth, so too does your soul keep in you contact with the heavens.

The Oneness

At that same meeting, I watched to women talking. I could see them as individual forms but it looked for all the world it was one person talking to a mirror whose reflection was dressed differently. We are  all G-d.

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