Sunday, April 7, 2013

Perfection and Beauty

Visions of perfection and beauty have changed my life. While I have described perfection as beautiful, beauty has a distinct meaning in the context of my perceptions.

The perfection is the continual unfolding of the divine both macro and  microcosmically. In seeing that I understand there is no sin, there is nothing that is 'wrong' or 'right'. The only thing that happens is the unfolding. From a Christian view point the 'shocking' part of this would be the realization of the god-nature of Judas. His so-called betrayal of the Christ was necessary for the entire Christian motif to emerge. Without his act, the entire focus of Christianity would be changed. 

It is important to note that the betrayal of Christ by Judas did not lesson Christ's divinity but enhanced it.  That suffering for our 'sins' would not have occurred had he not been captured by the Romans and been crucified. So too, the betrayal of friends and loved ones does not hamper your divinity or value either. The trickier part is the realization that the betrayer is not diminished either. All of this is part of the unfolding.

I have encountered people that immediately understand what is being communicated here even though these thoughts have never occurred to them. Others have had so much difficulty that they have invented reasons to stop speaking with me. This does not bother me at all as it is part of their unfolding. The life changing portion of this is that I hold a deep and abiding love for so many now, even those that have behaved questionably. The vast majority of negative events in my life have been utterly and completely forgiven. Even those that have not been, have been so tempered that the emotions are mild. Complete forgiveness is coming soon and I look forward to that day.

Beauty is something else. Beauty is the process of creation. This can best be shared through the tree of life but from an unusual perspective. The supernal or first three sephiroth, Keter, Chochmah and Binah are supposedly unmanifest. I have my doubts about that but such things things are outside the scope of this post. Those forces combine to form Daath, the hidden sephira. Most depictions  of it are black as it borrows its planetary attributions from Saturn. I believe that is misleading. It's color is white as seen using a black light. Macrocosmically this is the power of the world-soul hidden before the power of manifest creation. 

Creation gets its energy from the sun. On the tree this refers to Tipereth (6) energy, the yellow sphere in the middle.  Rather than the tradition flat depiction of the Tree, I am seeing it now as if the middle pillar is set back some. Imagine pulling on Tipereth, like you would one side of a rubber band, so it becomes the furthest point back and how that pulls Daath and Yesod (9) into line with it forming a bit of a triangular shape but not equalateral. Now drop Daath in front of the sun/Tipereth. 

The power of the sun moves through Daath, an intelligence, modifying the singular energy into a  power that stimulates creation and refracted so that it passes through the other sephira and emerges modified in strength, form and color while retaining the Daath-given purpose. These sparks of energy rain down upon creation manifesting everything. The microcosmic equivilent is manifesting everything in your life under the direction of your soul using the energy of your Daath. 

Witnessing those colored sparks is like seeing rain pass through a rainbow with each drop absorbing a color and shining it forth. This is beauty. This is creation. This is wondrous. 

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