Saturday, April 20, 2013

Expansion lessons.

Note: I am drunk blogging. I did the MM tonight and it had some extra pop. Oddly, I find myself drunk on bad wine. It was what I had laying around.

As previously reported, my next lessons are those of expansion.

Thursday and Friday I was hit with incredible waves of sadness. One came from the Psychic who was missing her deceased mother. It was very sad but bearable. Last night, it came from a childhood friend. Her pain was more difficult to deal with. I believe because the situation is ongoing. Horrible.

In neither case could I tell where the energy came from. I had to ask around. All I knew was the the person was female. More than one person claimed to be the emitter of the energy. Upon the right person explaining why they were sad, I knew which matched.

These were sad events. The feelings impacted my evenings.

Earlier in the week I heard a rumor that the perpetrator of the very bad thing claimed another victim. I found this sad too but it impacted me in no other way.

I have been applying my life coaching training to various social situations and find myself to using those tools to be much more outgoing.

Overall, the week has been the most difficult since my rebirth on February 4. One day, I had a great deal of difficulty seeing the perfection. I woke up feeling like old Robert. I had old Robert's attitude. However, I managed to contain it within  for the most part. The rest of the week, I felt and saw the perfection, only it brought less joy than before.

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Anonymous said...

You had a bad week too...and here I thought it was the chocolate. I enjoy reading your blog although I admit that I usually have no clue about any of your terminology, your path being so foreign to me. But I am learning a little, and that is always a good thing. From my experience and learning, our bodies are often subject to negative energies due to events beyond our control and knowledge, and those holding a higher frequency are more sensitive to the fact that we are the means by which this negative energy is being transmuted into either neutral or positive energy, depending on the work we are doing. This week, I was doing well just to neutralize anything that may have come through. How many times have you said, "It's been a bad week," and others have said, "You too?!" At any rate, we all have our "downs" to remind us where we have come from...possibly to give us the choice of whether we want to return. Everyone is feeling that "elevator effect" right is the nature of our evolution, which is speeding up. You're doing great...keep up the good work. :-)