Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Lesson of Expansion

The vision of mountain ranges speed by as the earth rolled beneath me in what I can only describe as the IMAX of the mind. There was scant transition between that and seeing the globe from space. From there I understood that expansion is movement past limitations. 

The real understanding came when that idea became personal. The first lesson, seeing the passive-aggressive people in my life, how I projected virtue upon them and the power games they play passed through my mind. This allowed me to expand past that particular game and create my personal life by avoiding that scenario. This was the minor lesson, the precursor.

The second revelation was descending back to Earth and flying by the actress that engineered the very bad thing. The vision shot me past her in an instant. I have no intellectual understanding of what that taught me. It was more than moving past an incident or a person.

Back in space, the earth was contained in a bubble of spirit. The powerful lesson hit me. The earth is complete. Every moment, every incident, every action, everything is complete. If something happens now, it is complete now even if an additional thing happens later. For instance, if I have a discussion with someone and that party says, "I do not know the answer to your question," and we part company, the interaction is complete. It is a whole distinct thing to itself. Later, if the man comes back with an answer that interaction is complete unto itself. 

This all sounds obvious but my words do not convey the emotional impact nor the knowledge of completeness. This is how the universe is at every moment. Complete. Whole. 

So there is now Robert's Reality:
  1. All things are perfect; The perfection is the unfolding.
  2. All things are continually created by a shower of light.
  3. All things are complete; All things are whole. 


Anonymous said...

What does the understanding of perfection and wholeness teach you about the passive-aggressive people you may encounter in your life?

Robert said...

I judge them not but recognize there are in the place of their unfolding. I see them more clearly which allows me to avoid their trap. Lastly, I know I that I am not diminished by their actions or lack there of.

Anonymous said...

Good observation. We are all at different stages of learning; some of us are young souls, some are old "veterans" who have been around a while. We learn different lessons in different lifetimes, and there is not necessarily any particular order to that we are required to learn them in. It is why we can all learn from each other, no matter how advanced or novice another person may be in some areas of life. When one realizes this, one begins to see others in a different light. Respect and compassion are possible with them, as well as with ourselves. It must always begin with ourselves.