Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Some time ago, Jack posted on one of his blogs that he doubted anyone could become a Reiki master over the weekend just by paying someone for an initiation.

When I took my first Reiki initiation, I posted here that I had become a Reiki practitioner. Someone took issue with that because he felt the term practitioner meant that I was accepting money from others. I meant that I was practicing Reiki on myself. 

I think the term Reiki Master generates the same issue. Most of us in the WMT think of the term master as meaning we have achieved a level of extraordinary proficiency. The master title for Reiki, as far as I can tell, is merely the ability to tap into that current to initiate others. It may have meant more at one time. Maybe it still does but no one told me I would have to do anything but show up if I wanted to be a Master. I have not done that. So, I could be totally or partially full of it.

I too thought for a very long time that Reiki was bullshit. However, I learned one of the most important magickal lessons through my initiation. The concept of non-ownership of the power or the results has improved all forms of my practice exponentially. Recently, I had an obvious and instant physical result with healing. I only reduced a small bruise to half of what it was but to do so in an instant was ONLY POSSIBLE because my ego was not wrapped up in that at the time of doing the work. I was able to drop my personality for just long enough to do that. Yes, I used things I didn't learn from Reiki but I believe that initiation provided access to something I didn't have access to before.

Maybe someday, I will actually be able to do something very meaningful with it. 

My point is that Reiki is not bullshit. There is something there. 

My second point is to the Nutty Professor. Fear of failure is the same thing as ownership. There is fear of not being capable, as if the power belonged to you. There is also a fear of not helping your family member. The latter is much more difficult to rid yourself of. In this case, may I suggest focusing on the idea that the result of your efforts is the Will of the Universe, God, or Gods, whichever view you hold. You are but an instrument of that power. Mother Theresa used to say that she is just a pencil in the hand of God. I think such an attitude may be of value to you.


nutty professor said...

Your comments are very helpful. Sweet that we find our teachers even on blogs.

Just received Reiki initiation last weekend. Heard the name of HGA with the first attunement. Wasn't sure if it was bullshit either, so I tried it on my cat when I got home. The "hot hands" were a needed physical confirmation.

With Reiki one can truly "let go" and have no ownership of the energy. If only all healing spells and rituals had built in confirmations and manifestations. But then what would be the lesson?

Pallas Renatus said...

I've always been interested in Reiki, but I feel like the issue of ownership is going to be a big sticking point for my ego.

Then again, I suppose that's a terrible excuse for not giving it a shot and trying to get over myself! lol