Monday, May 30, 2011

Some Acts of Healing

Over the last few weeks, I have been working on healings. This is just a quick synopsis.

The Gentle Soul contracted a harsh stomach flu and strep at the same time. At one point, she was throwing up very often. Even though she was mobile, I was instantly able to end the vomiting. I could also tell she was terribly dehydrated. Anyone could have learned that through logic but this came during a very focussed time of healing and was seen. It wasn't logic at that point.

This occurred during my own illness as I had the same bug but a more mild form and didn't get the strep. I tried healings at other times and couldn't get past my own illness to help her.

This weekend, the Gentle Soul came to visit. She had a bruise under her fingernail from a sewing needle. The finger was also swollen. She complained that it was throbbing up to her elbow. I was able to stop the throbbing and instantly reduce the bruise to half the size. The swelling remained unchanged. Today, it only hurts when she bumps it. I will try again later.


Hypnovatos said...

What healing work have you been working? I have found it very effective to write Divine Names for healing on bread, using honey diluted in saffron infused rose water as ink, and then ingesting it, or using the same ink to write on the afflicted area.

Robert said...

I used Reiki, intense concentration, visualization and love. For me, the most important was getting to the point where success or failure didn't matter to my ego. At least, during the operation itself.

nutty professor said...

I find that fear of failure gets in the way of my healing work, especially since I do a lot of healing on my child. It is not easy to watch physical suffering. This is an exercise in ego-mastery I have not yet learned. How to love one's way through the suffering and the fear of continued suffering, how to accept it for what it is (or might be)