Monday, May 23, 2011

The Sense of Place

Over the years, I have mentioned my goal is unity with the divine. Some of told me they have no idea what I mean. I remember Patrick Dunn being one of those. To me it is a simple drive.

Perhaps a good analogy of the past might be a young person dreaming of being married. The possibility is very real even though they haven't met Mr. or Ms. Right yet. I suppose I wanted the close personal relationship with whatever I conceived of as the divine.

Now, it is more like finding an exact sense of place. It is being in the place where the universe moves and you move right with it. For good, bad or indifferent, you're in the right place, doing the right thing. This isn't a moral sense of right. Its is more along the line of being within the continuing unfolding of the universe. This may be riding the edge of the ever developing god-fractal.

Somehow these thoughts dovetail within my discussion with Ananeal Qaa in the comment section of the previous post. There we are discussing the nature of motivation. He believes that there is no real subconscious form of motivation that all we have is conditioned responses. I believe in the subconscious and conditioned response. I also believe in karma, reincarnation and a host of little philosophies that all dovetail into one thing.

There is an exact place to be, exact actions to take. Whatever that place is, I want to be there.

I now know Gods exists. I have relationships with Them. Sometimes, it is as close as a marriage. Maybe even closer. It is one hundred percent honest and open. It is intimate. There is no fear. There is expansion. Love. There is a form of truth, with a capital T, but don't ask me to define that and don't assume that some sort of dogma. This is as being there as I can get.

The goal now is a mundane equivalent. Some  say that is impossible. Yeah, well some say meeting a god is impossible too.


nutty professor said...

I know exactly what you mean, and I do not think that such Unity is impossible. I wonder if it requires a different kind of initiation, however. One thing that I see is that living in the mundane world in service to Universe/God makes one more outwardly weird in ways that are often perceived as anti-social. Not anti-social, just strange. But you might understand that already.

Ananael Qaa said...

It's true that I don't believe in the "subconscious" as the term is normally used but that doesn't mean our behavior is never prompted by something other than the "thinking" part of our minds. It's just that I'm of the opinion we need to conceptualize conditioned responses differently than the current cultural frame that comes from Freud and the psychoanalysts.

As a practical example, I'll refer to something you said in the previous post, that knowing where a conditioning loop originated lets you give yourself "permission" to recondition it. To my way of thinking that's the wrong approach, or at least not the most efficient one. The conditioning system is in effect completely mindless, or at least it has nothing that we would recognize as thoughts. It just repeats conditioned behaviors over and over again.

The practical upshot of this has a direct effect on how we work with our minds. I find that all I need to know about a loop to recondition it to figure out how it's triggered. Because the whole method for reconditioning it is to trigger the loop, force yourself to behave in a different way, and then reward yourself so that the new behavior you just performed is reinforced. Repeat, because it's always necessary. There's nothing to figure out, which is where psychoanalysis gets it wrong. Conditioning follows something like four rules total, it doesn't plan or think or care where it came from.

Moving on to the subject of this post, let me ask you this: do you seek union with the divine out of the sense that you are lacking something or out of the sense that you want to be more than you are now? It may seem like a semantic difference, but I think it's important. It's what I was trying to get at in my previous comments regarding whether or not magical motivations are fear-based.

Robert said...

@Nutty, Lon DuQuette calls that going crazy, in a socially acceptable way. You'd have to ask my friends if I am half a bubble off or not. I don't think many would call me strange in the manner you mean. Maybe someday, if I am lucky. :OP

Robert said...

Qaa, allow me to amplify my ideas on permission. Once upon a time, I felt the need to fully engage in any verbal/written 'discussion' (i.e. argument) I could find or contrive. I had a need to be right. So, I'd find this or that thing to nitpick on argument just to keep it going. Once I realized where that came from and how silly the need was, I felt it was okay to loose arguments and more not start them. It took a long time doing behavior modification but that insight allowed th process to start. Does that make any sort of sense?

I like your trigger comment. I shall put that in my back pocket for future use.