Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sphere of Sensation?

Warning: I have no idea what I'm talking about in this piece. I cannot explain it. I am struggling with this one.

The last time I worked with Flower, Hermes and HD, my meditation yielded a mantra, as usual. The mantra defines the working. For instance, if the wor unify appears, we will get closer to something. If the word, lesson appears, we will be guided toward a lesson or have a past lesson explained or enhanced. I don't control what mantra is used. We don't even write them down. We just go with the spontaneous utterance, which I feel is supplied by Them.

The difference was that during the mantra generation process something snapped. I don't mean broke. I mean snapped into place. What that was is a matter of conjecture. I define it as a part of myself but what specifically I don't know. In an instant a circle expanded from my center and enclosed my partner. When that happened "I" was not the center of the circle but resided near an outer edge just like Flower did. The center was between us. The mantra took on a more inclusive form as well. This happened again, although more consciously, with the Witch the next day.

I've been in a couple of mundane group situations since where this circle snapped out of me and surrounded the group. I am tempted to think of this as the Sphere of Sensation talked about in the GD world except for two things. The first is that I've never had a clue what they are talking about. The second is that I get no sensations from the other people when this happens.

If any of you have experienced anything like this. I would appreciate hearing from you.

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