Monday, May 2, 2011

Speaking of Success

Each Beltaine and Samhain I do a group divination for a Bakersfield Pagan Group. All during the ritual, I simply prayed to Hermes to say what they (or someone) needed to hear. At some point, I knew that I was to walk the circle as I talked and touch each member of the group. I wasn't sure why. Then I watched the person performing as May Queen do that and I realized I was the male counterpart to that. That told me I was on track for the evening.

When it came time for the divination, I spoke of the types of divination and how the divine could be found in all things. We can divine by cards, stones, runes etc or by watching a leaf fall. The same continuously unfolding pattern can be seen in everything as that pattern in, in a manner of speaking, everything. The card drawn was the Universe. It was very appropriate card to draw based upon what I had been saying. In fact, the real divination likely appeared before the card was drawn.

The real success was later. Naturally, all that praying brought me a little bit of Hermes. I could feel him softly. During the after party, I saw a face looking at me. It was more like a moon reflecting the light of the sun. I realized the beautiful and joyful gaze was not upon me but upon the divine force I was anchoring. Bringing the Divine to earth that others may witness and partake is truly the work of a successful magician.

Less Happy Things

On my way down to Bakersfield, I had to follow a hearse with a draped coffin inside. The gods do have a sense of humor don't they?

I learned today that a coworker's mate cancer has taken a turn for the worse. It doesn't look good.

It seems lessons on Death abound. I know in time I will be grateful for these lessons. Now, it is difficult. Though, even now, I can see how the Universe is weaving things together and it is awesome.

Different Lessons

Since my work walking the paths of the Tower, Death and Devil, I have noticed something. I've been continuously encountering other people acting out old attitudes of my own. Sometimes the behavior is quite poor. Other times, it is simply a reflection that I judge less harshly in others than in myself Still other times, it is a slap to the back of the head. "Do you understand NOW?" Other times I say, "That FUCKER" and then must, eventually, laugh at myself.

These are lessons that I thought I had learned. Maybe I did but now I need an external version or a different view. These lessons run through all the elemental grades and spirit too. The process can be difficult at times but it sure is fascinating all the time.

I do so love the theurgical aspect of the work.

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