Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Today I did a mental review of the lessons brought about by various initiations and magickal practices. They soon fell into pairs of opposites. I won't bore you with the list. I am fond of the phrase there are two opposing forces and one that reconciles them. I used to look for all sorts of things to reconcile apparent opposites. I have realized that there are a few reconcilers that can always apply: Love, Compassion, Place.

The first two should be self-explanatory.

A sense of place is understanding exactly where you are and how your karma has brought you to a given point. One has a tendency not to fight the forces of the Universe or the mundane world when you know that. It also has the advantage of removing the emotional angst so you can correctly perceive the situation and apply proper discernment.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Are those two forces really opposing? And is the reconciler a 'force' or something entirely different?

I think.

Robert said...

The reconciler forces are not really opposing in the context I mentioned. They reconcile other things. For instance, I have battled between too much mercy and too much severity. If I drop in my sense of place in a situation, I can recognize proper and balanced action. If I try to plug in 'balance' it is too vague for me to act on.

Similarly, if someone is lashing out at me, I can ponder action or non-action but if I reconcile that with compassion for the person's predicament, I may take another action that helps to heal rather than ignoring or making things worse with a severe reaction.

Am I making more sense? If not, I will try to clarify further. Such things challenge my writing ability and I do want to be clear.

Anonymous said...

It's semantics, of course. And I am not sure you could even say it any different. For me, such things always reduce to Force <> Form = Manifestation.

So applying Force as a descriptor of Form and Manifestation may not be best. But, again, only semantics.

For me, this concept you are trying to convey gets to the very root of everything: "having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world." As such, it has serious blinders as it is probably only truly apprehended beyond the Abyss.

I may not be correct, as I am not yet wise, but to me they do not oppose but complement. There is no existence, no perception, no manifestation, no consciousness, no(thing) IF one 'force' trumps the other.

They (Salt and Sulfur; Form and Force; Severity and Mercy; Vishnu and Shiva; Lady and Lord, etc, etc, etc) dance.

I perceive.

Our action instantiates another triad.

Robert said...

I claim no wisdom only that this is my current understanding.

I do not claim one things trumps another or that they reconcile things for me in this moment.

As for blinders, all points of view down here are full of them. :O)