Saturday, May 28, 2011

Resolved Karma?

Long time readers have read about my back issues. I've spent most of my life since 1991 in some sort of pain. From it being very tolerable to debilitating.

About eight weeks ago, a friend told me about aspartame and how horrible it was for you. He went on to describe the unethical way it was approved by the FDA. I've heard the first part before. I've always ignored it. Suddenly, it made a great deal of sense and I simply stopped my Diet Pepsi addiction. I had twelve bottles here which sat for a month before I could give them away but I never drank one. Immediately my back was better. I no longer spend any time at all on Vicodin. I haven't had even a half a pill in seven weeks.

So, from a mundane angle, yeah it was the food additive. From a spiritual angle, that doesn't feel right. It feels as if I've paid a price for something. I can't explain that feeling. I can't defend it. It could be total bullshit.

I have had good period before but I've never had such a long period with zero pain.


yuzuru said...

Congratulations. I know a person who lives in constant pain, so I can relate (as much as anyone can) with that.

It was also time you did something about it with magic!

Ananael Qaa said...

This example is a great demonstration of how Karma really works as opposed to how New Agers tend to define it. Karma in Hinudism and Buddhism is the law of cause and effect, nothing more. It isn't necessarily magical or spiritual. You were ingesting a lot of a food additive that you were sensitive to. The Karma of doing that was the back pain. The proper remedy was to drop the additive, which you applied, so now you feel better.

This winds up being spiritual since you're a magician and my guess is now that you're feeling better you'll be able to devote more time to your magical work and concentrate better. That right there is the Karma of successfully dealing with the chronic pain, and so on throughout your life as you accumulate the benefits of improved spiritual practice and quality of life.