Monday, May 16, 2011

Willful Creation

More and more of my magickal practices are being defined by my interpretation of the Three of Wands.

The wands are always about some version of creative force. The threes exist in the qabalistic world of Atziluth, the creative plane, the realm of gods and the One, Logos or whatever you want to call it. Personally, I view the One as a bit further back beyond even our poor conception of this world but that is another rant altogether.

The threes exist in Binah, the sephira of Saturn, time, restriction, form. Binah is also the seat of the Lesser Neschemah, that part of us that is connected to all things. The lesser Neschemah is part of our immortal soul as well, sometimes called the Greater Neschemah.

This makes the 3 of Wands the Creative part of the soul properly restricted into a form and temporal space and thus suited to our incarnative purpose. Yes, I just made up the word incarnative. Deal with it. Given this definition, I must live within that personal space or strive for it. As a friend and I were discussing, it is amazing how freeing such restriction can be.

The esoteric name of the Three of Wands is the Lord of Virtue.

These ideas are now being combined with the ideas from the Magus of Strovolos.  He believed that in our lives we create elementals. Those elementals are our consistent thoughts. Even after we evolve past them, those elementals are alive, seek to continue living and do influence our lives in a similar manner to karma. They do this until we burn off their energy and links to ourselves. This idea resonated with me.

I have begun consciously choosing which elementals to create as I begin my day. Peace, love, compassion, laughter and the like. I create them in my mind, attach them to my aura and ask them to release themselves during my interactions with others. I really don't care whom they go to or when for two reasons. The first is that I didn't control where my negative elementals went. Secondly, if one is truly sending peace, love, compassion and laughter, it seems counter productive to control who gets to receive them. Releasing such things should be done in a selfless manner.


Ananael Qaa said...

Do you use a different set of attributions for the Qabalistic worlds than the standard Thoth arrangement? If so, is it something you would be willing to share? As I recall in the standard arrangement Binah and the threes are in Briah but I always have wondered about the whole of the Creative World being attributed to a single sphere while Yetzirah spans 6 of them.

I could see a possible alternative arrangement in which Atziluth is above the Abyss, Briah is between the Abyss and the Veil of Paroketh, and Yetzirah is from the Veil of Paroketh through Yesod, leaving Assiah in Malkuth. Is that the sort of arrangement you work with? If so I would be very interesting in hearing how well it works with the GD forms, since I've never gotten around to trying it out for myself.

Robert said...

Well, I have a different opinion than what you mentioned. I have no problem sharing and being castigated by the purists or differently educated. Grin.

I have a busy period going on but I will get to it as you are one of the thoughtful ones that doesn't call me a dumb ass when I am one. GRIN.

Rose Weaver said...

I enjoy this post a great deal. I've been working with the Tree of Life in conjunction with the Tarot attempting to flesh out my own ideas and I agree with all you've stated here. I also frequently use the Tarot cards within my work to assist with manifesting and/or influencing the work I do.

Robert said...


I have seen binah moved to daath with its attributions, god names, arch angel names etc thrown in. See the Middle Pillar exercise for example. The god name used there for Daath is the same as Binah. I have also seen Daath moved to Binah with Saturn to explain the hexagrams in the Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram.

I will fully admit to not understanding Daath. I'm a bit low on the tree of that level of understanding.