Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Bought Some Magick

Some time ago, I bought some magick from Jason Miller. Frankly, it was a lark. Yes, I wanted to make more money but I didn't think a talisman from Jason was going to make me a rich man. I respect Jason's work and figured it would be interesting how the magick flowed.

It was a bit frustrating waiting for the talisman as I thought they were ready when sold and didn't need to be made. I waited some time. This turned out to be good because it provided a confirmation of effect.

A week before I received the talisman, a request arrived for me to do some magick. That work earned me the exact price of the talisman. That magick was mildly successful. I will be mailing the link back to that party soon.  The real force of the magick came as a drive to teach classes in Bakersfield and attend psychic fairs. From my proceeds, I have bought a projector which I would never have obtained otherwise. It will be used for future classes.

Overall, I'd say I will received 20 times the what I paid for the talisman. Note that the money didn't just show up. I earned it. I also had fun doing it. The added bonus was I learned a lot. I am fully confident in my tarot skills. I feel if I put as much effort into tarot as the rest of my magick, I'd be a master.

Today, I purchased one of Jason's DZAMBHALA WEALTH TALISMANS. At worst, it is already paid for by the other the one. At best, given that it has more than one effect, its value could be priceless.

I am endorsing Jason's magick. If you're not afraid of working for your money and your spirituality, may I suggest you pick one of these up? I think there are 7 or less left. If you buy one, please tell him you heard it from me. These are already made and ready to go.

Frankly, I can't imagine selling magick again. It changes the feel for me. I want to serve those I can because I want to not because I feel obligated. I also think that at the time, I wasn't fully  rid of grasping for a result and a happy customer. I'd do even better now but why? There are plenty of friends that need a helping hand.


Today, this blog reached an average readership of 200 people a day as averaged over 30 days. That is definitely a first time. Today set a record, as far as I know as I don't check every day, of exactly 300  reads in a day. This is from Blogger which has the most conservative numbers. This is dwarfed by the likes of Jason Miller and others but it is still fun for me.


nutty professor said...

good to read good stuff.
a loyal reader.

Pallas Renatus said...

Congrats on the readership! It's definitely deserved :-)