Friday, January 7, 2011

Walking the Path of the Devil - With Subtitles

The Title of this post is

Walking the Path of Devil
Everything is in Everything
The Only Sin is Restriction

Tonight, I placed an orange candle in the west for Hod and a Yellow in the east for Tipereth. The same white candle stood on the altar this time for the path of Devil. The Devil card also replaced the Death Card.

I repeated the same ritual formula as last time. I began in Hod by vibrating the god name Eloheem Tzabaoth eight times. Within the sphere I saw the magician card from the Thoth deck. Hod is often called the place of the magician. This shouldn't have been a surprise but it was.

I moved to Tiperath and vibrated that god-name six times. Immediately within the yellow sphere I saw the same magician card. "that is right. All things are in all things. You are in all things all the time. The law of contagion therefore hold that you can effect all things...but why would you want to?" That last part could have been me or the voice. Who knows? The words don't do much justice to the realization and the visual. I was so stunned I had to be 'told' to move along.

Hod's archangel vibration was uneventful except for the parting comment. "Move along" had a ring of "This will shock you." When I vibrated the archangel of Tiperteth one sphere dropped from the first. how it did this when the first sphere already touched the floor is anyone's guess. The figure within the second sphere was still the magician, only it was the angel. "Same thing, different level." Okay, this was getting to be quite the show.

Again, the choir of angels didn't do anything spectacular in Hod. When I called the choir of Tipereth a third sphere appeared. This time it rose forth from the ground pushing the other two up! Within was the same figure, not as clearly visible. Four shadows appeared around it, each growing out from his feet, nearly as tall but angling away from him. This made five figures joined at the feet but the four were definitely subordinate.

This are likely the four kings one is supposed to call when one gets his HGA. So many people link these with goetic kings but a read of Abramelin and the Goetia show the goetia has too many kings. These demonic kings are the shells of our past associations with elements. At this point, we are in command of our elementary patterns, not the other way around.

I then took god form with the golden dawn god of the path of the devil. The path was nothing but darkness. RELEASE. The path of the devil is the release from our old restrictions, points of view etc. If you walk along the lower parts of the path, the fear and horror of it are overwhelming. Once you get above that, it is bliss. I ran through names of the people I know and saw all their positive perceptions of myself. Some of them were more neutral. Some of them glowed at the thought of my name. Given that I have a low opinion of what others think of me, the opposite you'd expect from a Leo, this was quite shocking but very real. These were not ego inflated images. These were possibilities I never allowed myself to see.

Those sort of self restrictions are what Crowley meant by "the only sin is restriction". This isn't do whatever you want. This is freedom from the little self, freedom from our own muck. The Devil path is one of hanging on or letting go. This was true of the Death path as well. Only instead of a pool of grief one has an ever rolling abyss ever espousing a body luminous formless and void.

Again, this is a journey that words diminish. I cannot describe my feelings and the like.

Part of this path echoed my mentors words in an email the other day, "Why do you feel....."


I have to walk this path again. I will likely do the tower as well. After that, should be obvious. If not, stay tuned for "As the Arrow Flies".

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