Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Surrendering to Death

My journey along the path of Death continued tonight. Yesterday's journey was a lesson on humility when it came to forgetting a basic tenant of ritual work. Today's even more so but in a different fashion.

The temple room set-up was spartan. In the west, I placed a green candle for Netzach. The east sported a yellow candle for Tipereth. Upon the altar between them lay a white candle representing the spiritual journey, a water cup as death is a watery place and the Death card.

Before I did the LBRP I called upon my concept of non-ownership, not of the power/energy, but of the Universe. Nothing is mine. Nothing belongs to me. I am a small part of it, very small. I saw stars, thousands and thousands of stars. I reverently did an LBRP and felt clean, focused, pure, prayerful. I knew my place in the universe is so small but there is a place. Then something odd happened.

I felt like the figure in the World card. With one arm up and the other down like the Magician card, I spun and 'danced', if you would call it that, around the temple space.

I stopped facing the green candle and vibrated the YHVH Elohim* seven times. I adored the powers of Netzach asking them to be in balance with Tipereth. I then danced to the yellow candle and called upon YHVH Eloah Vahdaath six times. I prayed to the powers of Tipereth. I then danced back and forth between the candles vibrating the names of the angels and choirs. My focus was superb. The 'glow' from these two points was palpable, warm, divine.

Again I danced back to Netzach facing Tipereth and called upon the god the Golden Dawn tradition assigns to the Death card. He came so easily. I presented him with the symbol I forgot yesterday.

Immediately, I found myself bounding over the pool of grief. Two steps upon the 'earth' and I was in a boat. At first I thought it Charon at the prow but found it to be Anubis strong and silent. Soon, the boat rose skyward and I was amongst the stars. I believe it was the voice of the god invoked, not Anubis, that said, "This is why death does not matter." I was shown the earth from so far above. "Wars do not matter. Rapes do not matter. Trials and pains do not matter." The vision was so vast as to point out all our human fears, pains and trials are nothing to the universe. "What matters is the continual birth." The dark soil from yesterday's vision came alive in a riot of colors, watered by acceptance.

"Let everyone win, this is your trial of humility, let everyone win."

* The correct name is YHVH Tzbaoth. I'm not sure why the improper name didn't mess this up. Perhaps the gods are merciful with bumbling magicians. After all, the translation for the angel of Netzach is Grace of God. Perhaps that grace was just provided.

Note: This write up does not do this ritual justice. My spirit was alive. My mind focused. I felt like I glowed. My love of the divine returned to me.


Ten Nebula said...

Peace and Light, Doing Magick

I enjoy your blog!
All the best to you in 2011!!!

Bright Blessings & Stay well,

Ten Nebula

nutty professor said...

Curious about the "dance." What did it mean? Was it a kind of embodied gesture? Have you "danced" before?

Embodiment is a profound part of some magickal traditions, to the point where dancing virtuosity is prized as ritual technique. I have never understood it though, why some Forces "dance" and whether this is more powerful and direct than other communications. Perhaps "why" is not an important question.

Good stuff, there.

Robert said...

It may have been a psychological remnant from a bit on Lon DuQuette's book. He has a bit in there about banishing and invoking with Ganesha. On the other hand, I think the feel of the world card/magician in the so-called dance may have been about manifestation. Shrug.

Frater Acher said...

Hi, what a wonderful description of your two recent rituals. I love the idea to work with/through/on the paths so intensely. Great job!

Allow me one question: what is the body posture you are in when you are experiencing the spirit/ path journey? Are you standing straight at the altar, are you lieing on the floor? I am asking as I have made similar experiences with Tattwa jouneys - yet failed to build these into temple rituals as I had to lie on the floor for these or sit in my traditional asana. Would love to hear your experiences here?

Robert said...

Frater Acher, in this case I was in the wand position. In other words, standing up. In this case, I started in the west and moved towards the center of the room and counted that as being on the path. I am not sure if I moved to the center prior to the visions or during.

Frater Acher said...

Wonderful, thanks for the explanation, Robert.